December 6, 2023
I Heart Revolution Disney The Aristocats

Darcie discovers the I Heart Revolution and immerses herself in the sensational new make-up line dedicated to Disney’s The Aristocats

Revolution Beauty has released a brand new Disney collection. The I Heart Revolution x Disney collection focuses on the beloved Marie from The Aristocats! This is not the first movie theme collection Revolution Beauty has released, past collections include: Disney princesses and The Nightmare Before Christmas, they even have a pretty large Friends collection which is worth a look. Their collection is always of great quality and features fantastic and well-released themes and designs and this collection is no different.

I Heart x Disney

Everybody wants to be…Marie! Release your inner sass!


The Marie collection is made up of ten items. One eyeshadow palette, lashes, a lip gloss in three shades, a highlighter in three shades, a brush, and a travel mirror. Prices range from £5.00 to £15.00 which are pretty standard prices for Revolution Beauty products.

The Disney Marie palette features a massive 36 shades. The shade names such as: ‘How romantic’ and ‘Do Mi So Do’ are inspired by the original 1970 film. The textures range from matt, to metallic so you are sure to achieve your perfect sassy look.  The packaging of the palette features an image of Marie and the words ‘stay sassy’. It’s a beautiful palette that you’ll be able to use over and over.

I Heart Revolution Disney Stay Sassy


The lip gloss comes in three shades: ‘Marie’, ‘Berlioz’ and ‘Toulouse’ which if you are familiar with the film you’ll know these are the names of the three kittens. The shades are matched to the kitten’s fur or bows, Marie is a shimmery white with iridescent pink hues. Toulouse is a reddish peach gloss and Berlioz is a clear gloss with hues of pink and red. The Highlighter also comes in three shades: ‘Beloved’ is a pearlescent Pink, ‘Duchess’ a champagne pink and ‘Madame’ a rose gold. I have always loved the Revolution highlighters, they give the perfect shimmer and are easy to build.

The collection also features a set of fluffy, voluminous lashes. They look pretty full, long lashes so would be suited for occasions and evenings out. You will have to purchase glue separately so that’s something to think about when purchasing these lashes. But Revolution does sell glue for £5.00. The final pieces are a paw-shaped compact mirror in pink and a paw-shaped brush which is perfect for applying blush, bronzer, and even the Marie highlighters.

I Heart Revolution Disney The Aristocats Marie Eye Lashes


Overall this is a pretty solid collection, Marie would be proud. The pricing is very reasonable, something that Revolution is always conscious of and what makes this range accessible. A Purrfect collection that is sure to bring out your inner sass.

Explore the whole I Heart Revolution Disney The Aristocats collection here.

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