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As the mystery surrounding Omega begins to unfold, will the secret of her origins have wider implications for The Bad Batch?

After two solid episodes, The Bad Batch has begun to chip away at the mystery surrounding Omega’s origins. After joining Hunter and the team for their daring escape from Kamino; the revelation that she is a clone has sent shockwaves through the ranks of Clone Force 99. But will the truth have greater implications for the galaxy far, far away?

Star Wars The Bad Batch - Omega


Given the fact that the original clone DNA template was extracted from Jango Fett, fans have begun to wonder how a female clone can exist. Some are even speculating that her DNA is more likely from another source. Perhaps even a Jedi. However, her kinship with Hunter and the team calls that theory into question. She struck up an instant bond with the team, but she doesn’t appear to share the same intimacy with the “Regs”. Although it can be argued that the activation of their inhibitor chips has changed their outlook on their brotherly code. As evidenced throughout the series premiere.

But if Omega isn’t a direct clone of Jango Fett, could she be the result of a genetic experiment that saw the DNA of Fett spliced with that of a more powerful being. One obsessed with combining the DNA of the Sith with that of the greatest bounty hunter of the prequel era?

The Bad Batch

If one thing the saga has taught us over the past few years is that Emperor Palpatine is obsessed with cloning. Even cloning himself. From the cloning facility on Nevarro to the installation on Exegol, Palpatine’s side project has moved past the point of experimentation; and has spilled into obsession. After all, his crusade saw him order the controversial cloning of the Zillo Beast during The Clone Wars. So, who’s to say Omega isn’t the result of a failed cloning experiment? One that saw Palpatine’s DNA spliced with Fett’s.

The Bad Batch Aftermath


Omega’s reaction to experiencing the outside world for the very first time was genuinely heartwarming. A demonstration of her gentle, kindhearted nature. But, with The Bad Batch being exposed to new threats each week, could that nature askew into an outburst of raw Sith power? It’s a very real possibility.

If this comes to pass, the members of Clone Force 99 may find themselves holding onto a weapon of immense power. One that could change the face of the galaxy as we know it. Of course, at this point, this is little more than me spitballing. Throwing theories at the wall and seeing what sticks. But with the series so far hinting at a greater purpose for the young clone, it is a theory that has a real chance of coming to fruition. Could Dave Filoni and his incredible team truly be about to delve into the darker aspects of the Sith? Only time will tell. But it’s going to be a fascinating journey all the same!

The Bad Batch

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