Disney Plus Shares A New Poster For Marvel Studios' Loki

Marvel Studios has shared a mischievous new poster for Tom Hiddleston’s upcoming Loki spin-off

Start your countdown to the wonderous arrival of Loki. The solo adventures of Marvel’s God of Mischief are zooming in faster than Redwing can fly. And eager to build momentum for Tom Hiddleston’s solo exploits, Marvel Studios has shared a suitably mischievous new poster.

The poster features Tom Hiddleston’s lovable rogue staring out at us with a typically fiendish smile on his face. And alongside him are some of the new characters joining him in the time-altering adventures. Check it out:

Marvel Studios' Loki Poster


The fiendishly good series is heading our way on June 9th and it promises to be one of the standout shows in Marvel Studios’ next phase. The series takes place after the events of Avengers Endgame, in which an alternate version of the character escaped with the Tesseract to create a new timeline. However, he is quickly apprehended by the mysterious Time Variance Authority and forced to repair the damage he caused.

Marvel Studios’ Loki will release on June 9th. Until then, we can immerse ourselves in the brilliance of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier which is streaming on Disney Plus now.

Source: Marvel Studios

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