December 7, 2023
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Will Loki reveal why the Eternals failed to intervene in the Infinity Saga? Annlyel explores the potential storylines emerging after Loki’s mischief.

Two weeks ago the teaser for Eternals finally came out. And while it was received positively overall the biggest gripe among fans was the idea that these powerful beings were watching Thanos kill half of the universe without interfering. However, Loki is subtly setting up a valid reason why the Eternals chose to never interfere…until now.



In the premiere episode of Loki, we learned of the Time Keepers. Three ancient beings who created the Sacred Timeline, the flow of time of which every person in existence must follow. No matter what terrible things may happen in a person’s life, they must experience these moments. Or they would otherwise tamper with the Sacred Timeline and potentially get things back to the way they were during a multiversal war. A conflict where the universe was almost annihilated.

Loki Timekeepers

So yes, Thanos was allowed to destroy half the universe. And in an effort to defeat him some of our favorite Avengers perished. But it is the way things are meant to be.

The Eternals, being the powerful beings that they are, understand this and hence, sat on the sidelines as The Avengers fought their battle. But now a threat is coming so terrible that it will force the Eternals out of hiding to save the world they have come to love, Earth.


And I have a feeling Chloe Zhao will be able to tell this story beautifully.

Loki is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus now.

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