December 6, 2023
The Bad Batch Episode 10 Review

“Common Ground” is a filler but fun episode of The Bad Batch that doesn’t have much of an impact in the short term.

“Common Ground” is a filler but fun episode of The Bad Batch, which opens on a female Imperial addressing a crowd on the planet Raxus. This woman is very polished and super-Imperialist. And it’s always great to see that the Star Wars galaxy is gender-blind with high-ranking officials. Well… at least for humans.

The Bad Batch Episode 10 Common Ground


The Imperial is ready to turn the meeting over to Raxus’s senator Avi Singh, whose droid quickly reminds him that he will be arrested if he does not address the crowd in favor of the Empire. And its new curfew for the citizens, etc. I really like this Senator. He cares deeply for the people he represents. Honestly, we need more politicians like him. Midway through, he condemns the Empire to raucous applause and is then arrested. His droid, GS-8 stands by helplessly but completely unnoticed. That’s where The Bad Batch comes in.

The Bad Batch - Omega and Hunter


They are hired to extract the senator, and it seems like another typical mission. Yet, Hunter is very protective of Omega. And with bounty hunters gunning for her, Hunter orders her to stay behind at Cid’s cantina. Our little heroine is not too happy about this and feels useless, even more so when Cid says it. Cid is really cantankerous and pushy, but realistic in the fact that life isn’t fair. And trusting others is oftentimes impossible. Plus, she also is kinda funny and calls Tech, Googles and Hunter, Bandana.

Star Wars TBB Episode 10


The mission is very straightforward and predictable to the letter. So I’m not overly enthusiastic about the mission. But it has some fun points. AT-TE’s are seen for the first time in so long and they are cool to look at. But they are certainly not my walker of choice. What really stuck to me with this issue is seeing the clone troopers against the rowdy crowd of Raxus. Art imitates life, as it echoes scenes plastered on TV of police in riot gear up against protestors who are sick of police brutality and racism. It’s very similar in this case, as the Empire are the oppressors on Raxus.

The Bad Batch Episode 10 Common Ground


Also, I noticed that The Bad Batch, when fighting their clone brethren; ALWAYS hit them with stun bolts. Why? Yes, it’s a kid’s show but there may be a deeper, underlying cause. Even though they are on different sides, Clone Force 99 still sees other clones as “brothers”. And after learning about the inhibitor chips in each of their brains, perhaps have sympathy for the other clones. As they know that they are not acting freely and of their own volition. I read something on the internet chastising The Bad Batch for hurting the clone troopers DESPITE knowing about the inhibitor chips. And this proves the article wrong.

The Bad Batch Episode 10 Common Ground

The Bad Batch is made up of compassionate, good individuals. Well… except Crosshair. Finally, I must have hats off to Omega. She manages to occupy herself during her “time-out”, where she wins money for Cid by being unbeatable at Dejarik or Holochess. Chess requires a very intelligent mind to do well in. And I am more and more convinced that even though she is a female direct clone of Jango Fett; her IQ may have been slightly enhanced. Especially as she is after all, first introduced as a science assistant on Kamino. Then again, Cid’s cantina is full of dolts so perhaps she is just smart and not genius level.

Star Wars TBB "Common Ground"


This episode really didn’t have much of an impact in the short term. But we get a very interesting development at the end of the episode, and this could perhaps, be a turning point for Clone Force 99. Regardless, Star Wars is about fun and this episode was entertaining to watch.

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