Star Wars Visions | First Look First impression

Max casts his eye over the breathtaking images from the Star Wars Visions reveal at the Anime Expo

Star Wars Visions has finally been revealed. Join us we explore the spectacular new anime series coming to Disney Plus this September.

I happen to love Japanese anime. Some of my fondest memories are of reading mangas and watching American re-iterated classic anime. Titles like Rouroi Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakasho, the Dragonball metaseries, Inyuasha, and many many more. Now I am delighted that Japanese anime will now be “officially” done for the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Visions | First Look First impression


Star Wars briefly dabbled in anime during the pre-Disney Legends era. But the stories were deemed non-canon in a now non-canon compilation of storytelling. Yes, it confuses me too. Anyway, I was so happy to see so many Japanese directors get excited about writing and producing Star Wars anime for this new project. Which I sincerely hope will be considered canon in the canon. Lots of these directors only speak Japanese. But they are die-hard Star Wars fans. And now I can breathe a sigh of relief because traditionally Star Wars did not do well in Asian markets.

Star Wars Visions


I’m looking at the artwork for the upcoming mini-series and I have to say. It’s anime at its best. The lightsabers and even resemble katanas. And the creators outright state how much of an influence Japanese culture will be for the series. One director spoke about incorporating the Japanese tradition of mountains into his story. And another admitted how Astro Boy is a big template for his “vision”.

Star Wars Visions The Elder


I am super psyched for this mini-series and hope that their will be additional “seasons” going forward. As of now, we have at least 9 to look forward to and the titles all have a style of anime in them. Star Wars Visions will start streaming on Disney+ on September 22, I urge you to watch this and know I will be right there with you sharpening my writing katana.

Star Wars Visions release on Disney Plus on September 22. 

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