Hot Toys is adding a special edition bonus to some of their exclusive Toy Fair figures!

Hot Toys has announced special edition bonus for two Toy Fair exclusive figures – Iron Man Neon Tech and Spider-Man (Cyborg Suit). Because these are exclusive figures, the special edition bonuses are limited to some markets. Depending on where and when you pre-ordered these figures, you may not get these accessories.

The Iron Man figure had a first batch released on day one of the Hot Toys Summer Showcase in Hong Kong. But for 200 first people who pre-ordered it at the Hot Toys Secret Base, they will also receive two additional accessories. The first 200 people who also pre-ordered the Spider-Man figure at the Hot Toys Secret Base (or other Hot Toys stores in Hong Kong) will receive another accessory too. For other countries, we will have to wait for Sideshow Collectibles and other retailers to announce whether they will have these bonuses.


A Special Edition available only in selected markets will include a Katar and an extra Nano Repulsor Cannon that can pair up with the original one to upgrade the set-up.


A Special Edition available in selected market will include a Spider-Drone as bonus item exclusively for collectors.

Will you be adding these sensational figures to your collection? Leave a comment in the section below. We love hearing from you.


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