September 27, 2023

Max explores the latest Star Wars: The High Republic short story found within the pages of Star Wars Insider

Hidden Danger continues in Star Wars Insider 204, and part 2 is quite a feast for the eyes. Justina Ireland is the writer, and in my humble opinion, the best author in The High Republic initiative.

We pick up where we left off. An Amani scientist and an Ithorian scientist were brawling on Starlight Beacon. And administrator Velko Jahen and the head of security, Ghal Jaretto are trying to contain the situation. Ghal is very brusque with a no-nonsense attitude and stunned them instead of more “peaceful” ways of de-escalating the fight. Now all the scientists are fighting, and the two of them feel overwhelmed.

Star Wars The High Republic


A group of Jedi offers to help but fails completely. I enjoyed seeing the Jedi fail. They are sometimes too self-righteous and hypocritical in this era. And I prefer the crowd control droid using science as opposed to the Force. Nobody can figure out why the scientists acted this way. Velko and Ghal decide to play detective and interview the first two scientists who started fighting and examine the gardens where this incident happened.

Velko and Ghal get into a fight, as it is revealed that a mysterious plant in the garden causes hallucinations. And we see from Velko’s point of view as she is transported back to her war-torn world. Then another scientist comes forward and is like “by the way, I spliced some Dengir genes into another plant and it made you go crazy, but don’t worry I can fix it”. Wow.

Star Wars The High REpublic

This scientist Professor Kip has some nerve! Someone could’ve gotten hurt and she neglected to reveal that she experimenting with dangerous genes to the Administrator of Starlight Beacon. Anyway, the lesson of this short tale is to always take matters into your own hands when something goes wrong. Investigating is the best option and it might even bring two people closer. Ghal made me laugh when she said that she liked Velko when she punched her. So funny. Ghal is quite a character and under her brusque nature, she has a wry sense of humor. I hope we see more of these two women in fellow short stories, and perhaps they can transition into a novel.



Star Wars Insider 205 arrives in September, and a new Star Wars: The High Republic short story begins called “Past Mistakes” and is written by Cavan Scott, who at this point has evolved into a new canon heavyweight champion.

Star Wars Insider is published by Titan Magazines and is an excellent place to get Star Wars news and content you can’t find anywhere else. Subscribe today!

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