Spider-Man 2 And Wolverine Are Coming To The PS5!

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man 2 is coming to the PS5 and will pit Peter Parker and Miles Morales against Venom. With Wolverine waiting in the wings to unleash some berzerker barrage…

Given the fact that Insomniac’s Spider-Man game was a worldwide best-seller, it comes as no surprise that a sequel is on the way. But when you take into account that the sequel will feature both Peter Parker; and Miles Morales, and they will be teaming up to face Venom; our excitement just got dialed to eleven. And thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long for the reveal because Insomniac came prepared. Feast your eyes on the spectacular reveal trailer below:

We’re so thrilled to continue the journey of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in their most epic single-player adventure yet, coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 consoles in 2023, said Insomniac Games’ Head of Franchise Strategy & Studio Relations Ryan Schneider. And just when you thought the game couldn’t get any better, it was confirmed that the legendary Tony Todd has signed on to voice Venom! Yuri Lowenthal and Nadji Jeter will also reprise their roles of Peter and Miles, respectively, and the majority of the original development team will be on hand to oversee the project.

Spider-Man 2 Venom


But the fun doesn’t end there because Insomniac shocked us all at the Playstation Showcase 2021. The developer announced that in addition to Spider-Man 2; fans can look forward to suiting up as Weapon X in an all-new Wolverine game.


Designed in the same vein as the Spider-Man games, Wolverine will respect the DNA of the character; but will also bring a contemporary take on the legend of Weapon X. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the suitably awesome teaser trailer:

 In the vein of our Spider-Man games, our goal here is to not only respect the DNA of what makes the character so popular but also look for opportunities to make it feel fresh and truly reflect the Insomniac spirit, Schneider continued. Even though Marvel’s Wolverine is very early in development, from what I’ve seen of its emotional narrative and cutting-edge gameplay (see what I did there?), the team is already creating something truly special.

nsomniac Games Wolverine


This is sensational news. The original Spider-Man game was an absolute triumph, and I will be chomping at the bit to face-off against Venom in the sequel. But the takeaway from this report is Wolverine. As a Weapon X fan, I cannot wait to unleash some Adamantium carnage on PS5, and with the expansive world-building of Spider-Man coming into play, this game will be one for the ages.

Are you excited about this Marvel bonanza? Will you be joining me and unleashing some good old-fashioned berserker barrage? Leave a comment in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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