January 27, 2023
Gentle Giant Ahsoka Tano And Lando Calrissian Statues

Feast your eyes on the new Star Wars Ahsoka Tano and Lando Calrissian statues coming from Gentle Giant.

Gentle Giant has unveiled two sensational new Star Wars statues of Ahsoka Tano and Lando Calrissian. The Ahsoka statue depicts Rosario Dawson‘s live-action incarnation from The Mandalorian; while Lando depicts the unmistakable features of Billy Dee Williams from The Empire Strikes Back.

Gentle Giant Ahsoka Tano And Lando Calrissian Statues

Ahsoka stands at an impressive 1/7 scale, while Lando clocks in at a slightly smaller 1/6 scale. As is the norm with Gentle Giant, these releases will be limited in number. Only 3,000 pieces of the Ahsoka statue are being produced, and Lando is even rarer. Only 1,500 pieces are hitting the assembly line so you’ll need to act fast if you intend to secure one. Read on for more juicy details.

Gentle Giant Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars: The Mandalorian™ Ahsoka Tano™ Premier Collection Statue

A Gentle Giant Ltd. release! Watch out, Thrawn! Ahsoka Tano is here, and she’s the next 1/7 scale statue in the Star Wars Premier Collection! Based on her appearance in The Mandalorian Season 2, Ahsoka stands with her dual lightsabers at the ready in this approximately 10-inch sculpture. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, this edition comes packaged with a numbered certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Designed by Brian Rood and sculpted by the talented team of artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd.!

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ Lando Calrissian™ Milestone Statue

A Gentle Giant Ltd. release! This deal keeps getting better all the time! The smoothest of space station supervisors is now one very cool 1/6 scale statue! Part of the Star Wars Milestones line, Lando strikes a pose with cape flaring and blaster in hand in this approximately 13-inch sculpture. With interchangeable hands for one of two different blaster options, this edition is limited to only 1500 pieces, and comes packaged with a numbered certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Sculpted by Paul Harding!


These new statues look sensational and will easily take pride of place on any fans’ mantle. But being limited in number, you’ll have to act fast if you want to keep them out of the hands of those pesky bounty hunters. The Ahsoka Tano statue will release in April 2022 and will set you back a handsome $175.00. Lando, on the other hand, will release at the same time with a price tag of $250.00. Your wallet may not love you for it, but these statues look well worth their money. And any excuse to bag a new Ahsoka Tano statue is a good excuse!

Gentle Giant Lando Calrissian

Will you be adding these lovely new statues to your Gentle Giant collection? Drop us a comment below. We love hearing from you.

Source: Gentle Giant


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