January 27, 2023

Is South Park about to go where no one has gone before and reveal the grown-up versions of the gang?

Last Summer, it was announced that Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of the beloved yet extremely controversial cartoon; South Park) had signed a multi-million dollar deal to continue to produce South Park and other related ventures. While this is quite exciting, it was shocking the news came in November of that same year. The satirical masterpiece had been covering the COVID-19 Pandemic with its 2 specials; The Pandemic Special and the Vaccination Special. These specials were a first for South Park and seem to have been created instead of a traditional 10 episode season.



Now a third special is in the works and it enters an era South Park fans have never seen before. Like most long-running cartoons, the characters tend to not age; remaining children or teens or young adults for decades. Except for going to 4th grade, the boys in the series are still 9 years old. That is poised to change soon. The teaser for The Post COVID Special shows Stan and Kyle as grown men, reconnecting with a phone call and discussing how something strange is happening in their old hometown. Does this mean that all of South Park now deals with them as adults or is this a gag or a one-time thing? We’ll just have to see.



I love a story taking place in the future and can only speculate what futuristic changes Trey has for the world of South Park. We see someone on a hoverboard in the teaser but I am hoping for some ridiculous nonsense. I’m very torn on approaching the boys as adults as the beauty of the show was Joe much smarter and fully aware they were as children in comparison to their dopey parents. Yet, maybe my fears will be assuaged as we see Randy Marsh (Stan’s dad) as an older adult. And thankfully, he is still as idiotic as ever.

This may be a new era for this series and Future Of The Force will of course be covering it. Stay tuned

South Park is currently showing on Comedy Central.


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