Hot Toys Avengers Endgame Iron Patriot

Hot Toys delivers another impressive figure with Iron Patriot from Avengers Endgame!

The Iron Patriot figure is one of the latest Hot Toys releases from the global phenomenon Avengers Endgame. Two years after its release, we’re still getting figures from this movie and it’s not over yet. I have been waiting for this one for quite some time. My figure was part of the mid-November batch at Sideshow Collectibles but it was then delayed due to ongoing shipping containers problem. A few weeks later, I finally have it. So was it worth all the wait?


We are used to it now, all the Avengers Endgame figures have the same box design. You can see the Avengers logo, a promotional drawing of the character and the name of the movie. For Iron Patriot the predominant color is red which makes sense.

As for the accessories, this one is loaded with weapons. It comes with a James Rhodes headsculpt, six different hands, a big back cannon, two back missile launchers, four arm missile launchers, six arm cannons and batteries, batteries and a display base. Some of these weapons can be stored at the back of the figure, obviously not all at the same time. Each weapon has a beautiful metallic paint with some parts having a subtle weathering as well.

The display base is bigger than I expected. It’s already been used on other figures but it’s the first time I get one of these. I do think it’s a bit too large for this figure. It should have been retooled. As for its design, it’s the same as the other Avengers Endgame figures. Which means you have the Avengers logo, the symbol of the character and the name of the movie on it. Just like on the box, the predominant color is red.


This is a MASSIVE figure. It’s a lot larger than other Mark armors so it’s a lot more impressive. In terms of height though, it’s not necessarily taller which is accurate to the movie. I love the design of this armor because it’s a unique look and it’s a perfect fit for a battle like you see in Endgame. Hot Toys has done a fantastic job recreating it. They captured every small detail like the writings on the armor. And the subtle weathering is also great. It’s not a battle damaged look but it’s not a shiny look either, it’s right in between.

As usual for diecast figures, you have extra articulation if you

As for the weapons, it’s actually fairly easy to install them. You just have to follow the instructions in the user guide provided with the figure. So you can actually give your figure different looks depending on which weapons you display.

Now about the LED light-up feature, as usual I think it’s a pretty cool feature. Plus, they have improved the light on the chest piece. Indeed, on the War Machine figure it looked a little bit purple while on this it’s actually red. You only have batteries to install on the arms, the chest and the helmet. Unlike, other Mark armors it doesn’t take a lot of time to install these.


This is the first time we get a full James Rhodes headsculpt. Before that, all the War Machine/Iron Patriot figures only had a helmeted James Rhodes headsculpt. It’s something a lot of collectors including me wanted. So I’m glad we finally have our full Rhodey headsculpt. It was sculpted by Taeho Kang and ipainted by JC Hong. They have done amazing work. It looks just like Don Cheadle. With Hot Toys, you’re never disappointed with headsculpts. Though, I have to say these recents headsculpts are even more life-like than usual.

For people who were wondering, it does fit on the War Machine figure from Avengers Endgame. It’s loose and there is no neck piece for it but if you find the right position and leave it like that, it works.


Iron Patriot is an impressive figure loaded with big guns. And the amazing full James Rhodes headsculpt makes all the difference!

The Hot Toys Iron Patriot from Avengers Endgame is available to order now


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