The Boys are back! The prominent Amazon Prime series will return for its third season this June with a three-episode launch!

After what has seemed like an eternity, Amazon Prime Video has finally announced a launch date for the third season of The Boys. The outrageously ultra-violent series has, at times been unapologetically violent, crude, and bloodthirsty. And the fans, including us, have enjoyed every single minute of it.



The climax of the second season ended with Homelander raging after being backed into a corner. Blackmailed by two of his team. And with Billy Butcher still at large and ready to bring Vought International to its knees, season three is set up to be the best yet. And today, we have an idea of how the season will unfold. At least in terms of release.



Our friends at Prime Video have confirmed that the third season will be arriving on June 3rd. And keeping the trend that started with season two, the season three launch will be a three-episode affair. After the initial three launch episodes, the series will revert to its one episode per week formula; which will climax with the hotly anticipated season finale on July 8. But don’t take our word for it. Read on for the full release schedule.

The Boys Season 3 Release Schedule


We absolutely loved The Boys‘ second season. It was outrageously violent, devilishly crude, and packed full of laugh-out-loud moments. But at its core, was a story of a family tormented by a superpowered ego-maniac. And that was a recipe for success. But with a tagline of “Payback’s coming June 3rd, and it ain’t gonna be pretty” I think it’s safe to say that Homelander isn’t going to take his ultimatum lying down.

How this will all unfold remains to be seen. but one thing is certain. It’s gonna be one helluva ride finding out. And we are 100% here for it.

The Boys season three gets underway on June 3.

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