December 6, 2022

Sasaki and Miyano delivers a second entertaining and sweet episode. I can’t get enough of these characters!”

It’s Sunday so that means it’s time for a new episode of Sasaki and Miyano!


This second episode is as entertaining and sweet as the premiere. Sasaki and Miyano are such loveable characters and her interactions are so precious. Miyano’s awkwardness towards his love of BL is so ridiculously funny especially when you see Sasaki acting normally.

This episode shows a gap forming between the two characters. On one side, you have Sasaki who tries to express his feelings to Miyano. On the other side, Miyano is so oblivious to what Sasaki is trying to tell him. And that’s partly because Sasaki first tried to tell him jokingly in the premiere. So Miyano doesn’t really realize that Sasaki loves him. You can already guess that will lead to some tensions and drama but it’s such a compelling storyline.


Opening and end credits are an important of anime series. With this episode we got both the opening and end credits. The first episode only had the end credits.

The opening theme is ‘Mabataki’ by Miracle Chimpanzee. You may have heard it before if you have seen the teasers. It’s a catchy song and that’s definitely what you want for an opening theme. It’s still playing in my head as I’m writing these words. And good news, if you want to listen to it over and over again like I do, the song will be released on January 26. The opening credits are colorful and cheerful, it’s a good representation of the series.

The end theme is Ichigo Sunset sung by Yusuke Shirai and Soma Saito as their respective character of Sasaki and Miyano. I love it when anime do end themes sung by the cast as their characters. It’s what I love so much about Free! end themes and I am so glad Sasaki and Miyano is doing it as well! Just as the opening, it’s a great theme.


Sasaki and Miyano delivers a second entertaining and sweet episode. I can’t get enough of these characters!

Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Funimation.


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