South Park Season 25: Episode 2 (The Big Fix)

“I LOVED this episode and laughed many times throughout” Max reviews the newest episode of South Park

The second episode of South Park in its long-awaited 25th season managed to accomplish what its predecessor attempted to do. It caught our attention and made us laugh. The episode begins with Randy Marsh attending a seminar on marijuana sales as he owns a marijuana farm called Tegridy Farms. In a classic impulsive-idiotic Randy, Randy upended his entire family to move out of the city into a nearby rural area against the wishes of his wife and kids.

South Park Season 25: Episode 2 (The Big Fix)


Now, the last couple of seasons shows Randy running his farm and being a complete pothead. He is high in the sky at the seminar and learns to his horror that black-owned marijuana businesses will completely derail white ones. Terrified, he hurries home to change that. South Park is pulling from reality (as it has for the last half-decade or so) and this time is addressing the big trend going on in America. Supporting black-owned businesses.

This is a noble endeavor, but the show also satires how this affects white businesses. Everybody is so caught up in being politically correct that other businesses suffer in reverse of what they were trying to fix. Randy tries to get the one black family in South Park to come to dinner and take pictures of them to put on Instagram. This highlights another annoying trend that nervous Caucasians are doing. They want to look PC and cool and that means showing off their black friends as much as possible. Even if they aren’t that close.


This is the same with Randy’s son Stan and the unnamed African-American man whose last name happens to be black’s son Token. Yes, I know. South Park at its crudest. Randy wants to go into business with Token’s dad. But just to try and look diverse, and not allow him to come up with good business ideas as he is highly intelligent and successful. This highlights another hypocrisy about idiotic companies trying to hire a diverse staff. They’ll hire minorities BUT they won’t let them get too much power in the company.



The really funny thing about today’s episode is when Stan realizes that his “friend’s” name isn’t Token (like the Token black person) but Tolkien. Named after J.R.R. Tolkien, the creator of Lord of the Rings. Tolkiens dad was a huge LOTR fan and wanted to name his son after him. Quickly Stan realizes he was the only one in school who thought his name was Token. Even racist Eric Cartman knew! Stan seeks medical attention at first which is hilarious and then quickly infuriates the physician in classic South Park nonsense behavior. Most of the adults are complete morons and this overreacting doctor is nothing new for the show.



Stan embarks on trying to come to terms with his “racism” by reading Lord of the Rings. This episode was just so funny, I couldn’t look away. It highlighted so many problems with society today and plays from both sides of the fence; proving empirically that there is no middle ground anymore. You are either a giant racist American or a super-tolerant nervous American.

It’s unfortunate how people can’t take stock of this episode and perhaps learn from it. Yet it is just a silly comedy so many people don’t listen to it as much as I have. While I’m not denying systemic racism (it is real), there is nothing racist about speaking your mind and evaluating people based on their character and not their skin color. The only thing I had a problem with was that they seemed to have changed Stan’s voice actor. His new voice takes getting some used to and I am shocked that it has changed in the first place. It’s been relatively consistent since the late ’90s



Regardless. I LOVED this episode and laughed many times throughout. My biggest laugh came at the very end, and I always love how South Park cuts to the credits in the middle of what you think is unfinished and unsettling of an ending. This episode gets a solid A.  Season 25 only has 6 planned episodes, so we are close to the “halfway” point of the season, but like all South Park schedules, it is tentative.

South Park is currently showing on Comedy Central.

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  1. I totally agree with you on how people view rasim and how you can’t express a true (bon racist) opinion as dir the voice change I feel maybe something is up with treys voice or he is ill in someway as we has Mackworth in episode 1 and now stan, something isn’t right. Although I have heard that stans voice is now edited via a voice machine so that could explain his voice

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