September 22, 2023
Christopher Lloyd Joins the Cast Of The Mandalorian Season 3

Great Scott! Hollywood legend Christopher Lloyd swaps the DeLorean and the Klingon Bird Of Prey for the galaxy far, far away…

Charge the flux capacitor and re-crystallize the dilithium crystals because Hollywood legend Christopher Lloyd has joined the cast of The Mandalorian. According to a new report from THR, Lloyd is swapping the DeLorean for the galaxy far, far away and joining Din Djarin for a cameo in the upcoming third season of the hit Star Wars show.

Christopher Lloyd is adding another iconic sci-fi franchise to his storied career.

The Back to the Future actor is on the call sheet for The Mandalorian, the Disney+ Star Wars show that is currently filming its third season in Southern California.

Character details for his role are being kept locked in the trunk of a DeLorean, but it has been described as guest-starring in nature. Lucasfilm could not be reached for comment.

Christopher Lloyd


Christopher Lloyd is adored the world over for his role as Dr. Emmett Brown in the Back To The Future trilogy. As well as his stint as Klingon Commander Kruge in Leonard Nimoy’s Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. But this represents his first foray into the galaxy far, far away.

As of press time, the nature of his role in the series is a mystery. However, the role is regarded as a “Guest Star” position. Meaning we shouldn’t expect to see him for more than a solitary episode. But, having an actor as renowned as Lloyd on hand to sprinkle his brilliance into the show is a major coup for Jon Favreau. And of course, the series has been a hotbed of cameos for the legends of Tinseltown in recent years. Carl Weathers is enjoying a recurring role as Greef Karga; Nick Nolte provided the voice for the lovable Ugnaught Kuiil, and Michael Biehn popped up during the last season as a gun for hire named Lang.

The Mandalorian Chapter 13 - 009
The Mandalorian Chapter 13 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)


This all points to another spectacular season ahead. Jon Favreau has proven himself to be the new torchbearer for the adventures in the Star Wars galaxy. And with Dave Filoni by his side and guest stars like Lloyd on hand to help stick the landing – The Mandalorian Season 3 is a shoo-in to deliver in a big way!

The Mandalorian season three is currently shooting and is expected to release sometime in the winter. Whether that happens in 2022 or 2023 remains to be seen. But rest assured, you’ll be the first to know. You’ll never miss a thing with Future of the Force.

The Mandalorian


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