February 6, 2023

“Fanfare of Adolescence continues to impress with another entertaining episode strengthening the bonds between the characters.”

It’s time for our weekly review of Fanfare of Adolescence. Since it has started four weeks ago, this series has proven it was a force to be reckoned with. Indeed, so far this is the highlight of the Anime Spring season for me. Every week I look forward to the new episode. I have the same excitment I had every week with Sasaki and Miyano during the Anime Winter season. So, is this lastest episode as good as the previous ones?


This week’s episode is more relaxed as the characters head to a Summer camp. So this means a lot of fun for them. Indeed, the characters bond over an afternoon at the beach, a competition to win tickets for an amusement park and a bonfire barbecue. It’s actually nice to see Amane be part of the team. He is no longer the outsider being mad at everyone. Obviously, he still has an attitude. He is the main rival, thus he needs to show it. However, you can tell he enjoys being around Yu and Shun.

Even though, they are all friends (mostly), there are different small groups within this team. And I really enjoy the dynamic of each group. Shun and Yu have a special bond. Without any doubt, they are my favorites. When I said mostly, it is because there are some tensions. What better way to deal with problems than going to a Summer camp and having an open heart talk. Kyoriki has been aggressive since the beginning of the series towards Yu. This episode finally explains why. To be honest, I should have seen this coming. This actually makes a lot of sense. So, I am excited to see if this is going to change their interactions in the future. Moreover, Kota Maki also has things to say about the group. This Summer camp is a time for fun but also for truth and dealing with problems.


Although, this episode takes place at a Summer camp, it is not all fun. Indeed, the team also has to train. And it is a tough training. At least the physical part is. There is also a horse training part. I love how this episode balances both type of moments – the training and the fun.


I already talked about the visuals of this show before. But I do need to talk about it again. This is an absolutely marvelous animation. From the character designs to the the background scenery, there is a great attention to details and to realism. The night scenes and the sunset scene were quite incredible. Obviously, no anime will ever beat the visuals of Free! Nevertheless, the animation for Fanfare of Adolescence is truly remarkable.


Fanfare of Adolescence continues to impress with another entertaining episode strengthening the bonds between the characters.

Fanfare of Adolescence is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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