September 26, 2023

Theatrical merchandise for Free! The Final Stroke Part 2 revealed!

With every Free! movie, there are new goods available at the Japanese cinemas. For international fans, you can check CD Japan who will have these collectibles at a later date. A first wave of merchandise was revealed not so long ago but today, Kyoto Animation has unveiled the full line up. I waited for this to tell you all about it. As usual, the goods are released sequentially.

On April 22, release date Free! The Final Stroke Part 2, a first wave of merchandise was released. This wave focused on Haruka Nanase. It includes a pamphlet, a tapestry, the teaser poster, four clear file, three different badges, a towel and a popcorn box.

Then on April 29, you will be able to buy brand new Chibi characters! These will be available as acrylic keychains. This first wave of Chibi characters includes Haruka & Makoto, Rin & Sousuke, Ikuya & Hiyori, Nagisa & Rei, Aiichiro & Momotaro.

May 6 marks the release of the second wave of Chibi characters. This wave includes Haruka & Albert, Kisumi & Asahi, Natsuya & Nao, Kaede & Kiyo, Haruka & Rin. Moreover, these Chibi characters will also be available as stickers. And a new set of badges will be available. These badges features new art of Haruka, Rin, Ikuya, Sousuke, Makoto and Albert.

Finally, the final wave of merchandise will be available on May 13. This wave features a special booklet with commentaries, interviews, exclusive images and five A4 illustrations. Furthermore, there will be a new tapestry featuring Haruka, six acrylic stands featuring the new art from the badges, Haruka’s amulet and a set of postcards.

That is all for the theatrical merchandise. But, there are more goods coming for Free! The Final Stroke Part 2. Indeed, Kyoani Shop will sell acrylic stands featuring the other ten characters. And, the six ones that are sold in Japanese cinemas will also be available online.

Whoever is your favorite character, there is something for every Free! fan. Free! The Final Stroke Part 2 is playing now in Japanese cinemas.

SOURCE: Kyoto Animation

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