January 28, 2023
Family Guy Season 20 Finale

Max says the Family Guy Season 20 Finale feels more like a third or fourth-of-the-season episode. Is this the beginning of the end?

The Family Guy season 20 finale premiered on May 22, 2022. Titled “The Jersey Bore”, it shows us an adventure that somewhat matches its title unfortunately. The season itself started out on a weak footing. And of course, my prediction that Doug would become a prominent secondary character was wrong. Shortly at the mid-half of the season, he seemingly vanished.

The Jersey Bore had Peter going on a business trip with his no-nonsense boss Preston. Preston is a funny character and reminds me of a cartoon version of the African American cop on Brooklyn Nine Nine. He has no conception of fun and everything has to be done responsibly. Since he has determined that Peter is the least capable employee at the Pawtucket Brewery, (which he manages) he selects Peter to accompany him on a business trip to Atlantic City. To convince the state to keep drinking Pawtucket Ale, in favor of Hard Seltzer. In doing so, Preston makes an appropriate reference of this arrangement to Greenbook (the movie) even though he did not see it. That definitely made me chuckle.

Family Guy Season 20 The Jersey Bore


The B story involves Chris trying to get the part of Romeo at his school play, so he can kiss Heather; the new girl who is quite attractive. Stewie takes the role of acting coach to prepare his brother Chris, and an annoying, pushy acting coach/director is honestly, the perfect job for Stewie. He commandeers directing the play from Principal Shepard, who is too busy with his new Tinder account to really care about acting. And Stewie’s aggravating behavior causes Heather to quit in frustration. However, he is successfully able to bring out Chris’s acting chops.

The process of the play is so underdeveloped. And I can’t help but feel that this new version of Family Guy seems to have poor time management when it compares to the earlier seasons. They have the same time slot, but the original Family Guy’s seemed to pack more of a complete story into the 22 minutes. I honestly don’t know how to explain this phenomenon. The Preston story also lacks luster, as it pretty much wraps up predictably, and doesn’t affect the show as a whole.

Family Guy Season 20 Premiere


This is the Season finale, but it feels more like a third or fourth-of-the-season episode. Gone are the days, when the finale felt like a finale, and those days are not that far in the past. Some of the finales from 5 years ago have been very satisfying. And I think with the right elbow grease, they can re-achieve that effect. I grew up on Family Guy, so I refuse to accept that its on its last legs. It HAS been renewed for Season 21 and you can only hope that that season is better.

However, Season 20 had some good moments. And the writer’s ability to make clever pop culture references and innuendo has not suffered as much as overall story development. I also really like, the fast-talking Kevin Hart-ish lawyer from the episode Lawyer Guy, Brick Baker. I would love to see Brick join the cast permanently for next season, and at this point I could care less about Doug. Plus, I also enjoyed the sequence in the season’s penultimate episode with the dude ranch and the horses and steers not “choosing” Peter to dance with. It reminded me a lot of my high school years-HA and the possessed ghost radio joke at the beginning of the season truly made me crack up.

Family Guy Season 19


As a final note, I must also address that the writers have dialed back the cutaway gags considerably. And I find that quite interesting because that was originally what Family Guy was known for. Kinda, if like Burger King took away the Whopper. This final episode has one cutaway, and it wasn’t very funny. It is almost like a reference throw-back to cutaways themselves.

Family Guy Season 21 premieres in Fall 2022. Until then, you can catch Season 20 on Fox.


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