December 8, 2023

Hot Toys has shared an update on their upcoming figure from The Batman!

Recently, Hot Toys had announced they were updating their Batman figure from The Batman to get it more screen accurate. Today, they have finally revealed the updates. And, it is even bigger than we thought! More accessories and an updated headsculpt, fans are going to love it!

Hot Toys is delighted today to announce a special update of the Batman figure from The Batman movie. Continue to pursue excellence in collectible workmanship, we had refined some of the details on the prototype with careful considerations immediately after the movie’s official release. The enhanced features include:
• Updated hair sculpture
• An additional interchangeable hair sculpture for alternate styling
• Batarangs in diecast material to replace the original design
• Updated body physique and batsuit colors
We’ve more exciting collectibles from The Batman on their way coming. Stay tuned!

SOURCE: Hot Toys

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