December 8, 2023

Fanfare of Adolescence announces a new collaboration.

There may be only two episodes left of Fanfare of Adolescence but more content is coming with this new collaboration. From June 24 to July 10, Japanese fans can go to Manhattan Roll shops to eat specially themed ice creams and get exclusive goods. As usual with a new collab, we get new illustrations. And this time, this collab features Yu, Shun and Amane.

You can get a clear file, acrylic stands, badges and coasters featuring the characters in this new illustration. Moreover, there are also goods featuring Chibi versions of Yu, Shun, Amane, Aki and Sojiro. These Chibi illustrations use the same outfits. There are acrylic keychains, badges and coasters. Plus, there is also an ice cream spoon.

SOURCE: Manhattan Roll

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