September 27, 2023

Feast your eyes on the devilishly good titles heading to the Premium Horror Streamer SHUDDER in July 2022.

Halloween may be months away but that hasn’t stopped SHUDDER from unveiling a treasure trove of horror goodness. The premium horror streamer is packed to the brim with horrific content. And now, the platform has revealed its full list of delightfully evil titles that will release throughout July 2022. And believe me, the new original films are more than enough to have us hiding behind the sofa!

The new additions are led by Daniel de la Vega’s On the 3rd Day, a mother’s search for her missing son, and the recently acquired Moloch. And if that isn’t enough to have you gripping the arm of your chair, This Is GWAR will chart the story of the iconic metal band and will include some never seen footage of legendary GWAR frontman Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus). But just when you thought it was safe to come out from behind the sofa, Tony Maylam’s 1981 classic The Burning is also joining the service! All in all, a wonderful slate of horrific goodness. But don’t take my word for it. Grab the arm of your chair; move to the edge of your seat, and grab the cushions because this list will chill you to the bone!

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On The 3rd Day – A Shudder Exclusive

Streaming July 7th

While on a trip with her young son, Cecilia has a car accident. Three days later, she finds herself wandering a lonely road with no sign of her child – and no memory of what happened since the crash. Cecilia’s desperate search for her son leads her on a wrenching and tumultuous journey to face off against a religious fanatic who holds the shocking key to it all. Written by Alberto Fasce and Gonzalo Ventura and directed by Daniel de la Vega.

Good Madam – A Shudder Original

Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival. Tsidi, a single mother, is forced to move in with her estranged mother Mavis, a live-in domestic worker caring obsessively for her catatonic white ‘Madam’. As Tsidi tries to heal her family however, a sinister spectre begins to stir. South African director Jenna Cato Bass (Flatland) co-wrote the film along with Babalwa Baartman and ten other members of her cast. Directed by Jenna Cato Bass. Streaming July 14th.

Moloch – A Shudder Original

In Moloch, 38-year-old Betriek lives at the edge of a peat bog in the North of the Netherlands. When she and her family are attacked by a random stranger one night, Betriek sets out to find an explanation. The more she digs, the more she becomes convinced that she is being hunted by something ancient. Written by Daan Bakker and Nico van den Brink and directed by Nico van den Brink. Streaming July 21st

Shudder Acquires Fantasia International Film Festival Favorite Moloch

This is GWAR – A Shudder Original

This is GWAR is the powerful story of the iconic heavy metal art collective, as told by the humans who have fought to keep it alive for over thirty years. The feature documentary includes interviews with the band members, both past and present, and other artists, including Weird Al Yankovic, Thomas Lennon, Alex Winter, Bam Margera, and Ethan Embry, including never seen footage of legendary GWAR frontman Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus). Directed by Scott Barber.. Streaming July 21st.

– This is Gwar _ Key Art – Photo Credit: Shudder

The Reef: Stalked – A Shudder Exclusive

In an effort to heal after witnessing her sister’s horrific murder, Nic, her younger sister Annie and two close friends travel to a remote Pacific Island for a kayaking and diving adventure. Hours into their expedition, the women are stalked and attacked by a Great White shark. To survive, they will need to band together, and Nic will have to overcome her post-traumatic stress, face her fears, and slay a monster. Written and directed by Andrew Traucki as a follow-up to his 2010 film, The Reef. Starring Teressa Liane (The Vampire Diaries), Ann Truong (Cowboy BeBop), Saskia Archer (Boshack), Kate Lister (Clickbait), and Tim Ross (Wonderland). Streaming July 29th.

The Reef Stalked



The Long Walk

An old Laotian hermit discovers that the ghost of a road accident victim can transport him back in time fifty years to the moment of his mother’s painful death. Directed by Mattie Do (Dearest Sister), who won Best Director (New Visions) at Sitges International Film Festival for the film. Streaming July 5th.

Meatcleaver Massacre

When a professor specializing in ancient rites and rituals is attacked and his family killed by four of his students, he summons an evil spirit to hunt down the attackers and avenge his family. Streaming July 5th.

Mansion of the Doomed

An insane surgeon finds himself up to his armpits in eyeballs after guilt prompts him to begin removing the eyes of abducted people in hopes of performing transplants on his daughter who lost her own in a car accident he caused. Streaming July 5th.

The Burning

When an ill-advised prank misfires, summer camp caretaker Cropsy is committed to hospital with hideous burns. Released after five years, hospital officials warn him not to blame the young campers who caused his disfigurement. But no sooner is Cropsy back on the streets than he’s headed back to camp with a rusty pair of shears in hand, determined to exact his bloody revenge. Contains strong language, sexual scenes, violence, and gore. Streaming July 5th.

Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion

A psychotic pornographer blackmails a married woman into becoming his sex slave by threatening to reveal that her husband is a killer. Desperate to protect the man she loves, poor Minou is forced to endure kinky bondage games until threats of murder force her to go to the police. But when she brings the cops to the madman’s house, it’s empty, and soon, Minou’s sanity is called into question. Luciano Ercoli’s stellar giallo references classic Hollywood suspense thrillers, aided by a clever script from Ernesto Gastaldi (TORSO) and a superb score by Ennio Morricone. Streaming July 11th.

Suspicious Death of a Minor

A young girl is found brutally murdered and the case is handed over to Detective Germi. During the investigation, the detective discovers a prostitution trafficking linked to powerful people. Streaming July 11th.

Daniel Isn’t Real

As a boy, Luke invented an imaginary friend named Daniel who led them both into a world of fantasy and imagination. But after Daniel tricks Luke into doing something terrible, Luke is forced to lock him away. Twelve years later, the dangerous Daniel is back–and he now appears as a charming, manipulative young man with a terrifying secret agenda. Streaming July 11th.

A Tale of Two Sisters

In this Korean horror classic, scary things happen after two sisters are reunited. The bond between Su-mi and Su-yeon is so strong, even a stay at a mental hospital couldn’t break it. When they return to live at their country home, the girls’ father has remarried and strange events soon lead to dark revelations. LA Times critic Kevin Thomas called it “A triumph of stylish, darkly absurdist horror that even manages to strike a chord of Shakespearean tragedy – and evokes a sense of wonder anew at all the terrible things people do to themselves and each other.” Streaming July 11th.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

For three years, James has been haunted by his wife’s sudden and inexplicable disappearance. His best distraction is work – specifically, archiving old videos. While watching decade-aged TV news footage one night, he sees a video interference that’s deeply disturbing. And it’s not the only interference he’ll see. As his obsession over these strange clips increases, and he submerges himself into their mysteries, James discovers troubling connections to his missing wife. Which will these broadcast intrusions bring him, though: long-desired answers or a never-ending nightmare? Streaming July 12th.

Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge

A masked killer stalks a waitress (Kari Whitman) in a shopping mall just opened by a California mayor (Morgan Fairchild). Streaming July 18th.


The self-procalimed “Cecil B. DeMille of the underground,” Alejandro Jodorowsky is a towering cult figure whose critical reputation is only now catching up with the mystique that has surrounded his work for decades. Writer, director, actor, composer, novelist, comic book author, puppeteer, guru, psychomagician, purveyor of the phantasmagorical and inspiration to John Lennon and Kanye West, the cinematic visions of Jodorowsky are disturbing, visionary, provocative and utterly unique. A full 65 years since he made his first film, Shudder presents three of his most acclaimed works including the notorious El Topo (1970), the engrossing psychedelia of The Holy Mountain (1973) and his first full feature, Fando y Lis (1968) which caused a public outcry at its Acapulco Film Festival premiere and was banned in Mexico. Streaming July 18th.

El Topo

A mysterious black-clad gunfighter wanders a mystical Western landscape encountering multiple strange characters. Described by critic Pauline Kael as an “acid western”, this bizarre film effectively created the concept of the midnight movie, playing for more than six months to packed-out houses at New York’s Elgin Theater. Streaming July 18th.

The Holy Mountain

With startling and ravishing imagery, a Mexican master (Alexandro Jodorowsky) leads a Christ-like figure (Horacio Salinas) and various disciples to a mountain of immortal wise men where they must kill the Nine Masters of the Summit to gain eternal life. Streaming July 18th.

Fando y Lis

In Jodorowsky’s absurdist, post-apocalyptic debut feature, Fando and his crippled partner Lis seek the legendary fabled city of Tar, where Lis hopes to be cured of her handicap. Streaming July 18th.


A beautiful TV reporter and her cameraman are doing a routine interview at a local fire station when an emergency call comes in. Accompanying the firefighters to a nearby apartment; the news team begins recording the bloodcurdling screams from inside an elderly woman’s unit. After authorities seal off the building to contain the threat, the news crew, firefighters and residents are trapped to face a lethal terror inside. With the camera running, nothing may survive but the film itself.

Rawhead Rex

Ireland will never be the same after Rawhead Rex, a particularly nasty demon, is released from his underground prison by an unwitting farmer. Written by Clive Barker.

Rawhead Rex Shudder


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What a devilishly good list of new titles for us to explore. Shudder has cemented itself as the home of premium horror entertainment. And we cannot wait to dive in headfirst and explore the bounty that awaits us. So check back regularly because our reviews will be coming thick and fast!


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