September 27, 2023
Hot Toys Moff Gideon The Mandalorian Review

“With its impressive headsculpt, The Hot Toys Moff Gideon is the perfect addition to your Mandalorian collection,” says Thomas Storai in his review

At long last, the Hot Toys Moff Gideon from The Mandalorian has now been released. So is this new Hot Toys figure worth getting? Or has the Empire delivered another disappointing collectible?


Hot Toys Moff Gideon

This is your usual Star Wars collectibles box. Which means it is a black box with a picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. Since it is a figure from The Mandalorian, the colored strip is orange-brownish.


Hot Toys Moff Gideon

There aren’t a lot of accessories with this figure. But I do think you get what you need. It is Moff Gideon so there’s not much you can include with him. The display base is your usual Star Wars interior base. This one is painted in gray with some scratches on it. And you also get, as always the Star Wars nameplate. This type of base is simple but it always works.

Then, the figure comes with six hands – two open hands, two hands to hold the darksaber, one hand to hold the blaster, and one fist hand. By the way, it is quite weird they didn’t include a second fist hand. When they include clenched fist hands, you always get the two, not just one. 

As for the weapons, he has his blaster pistol. It is nicely detailed and painted in black with some silver as well.

The second weapon he has is the iconic darksaber. It is painted in black with some grey and white on the upper part. It is a simple design so there are not many details. Hot Toys has kept it screen accurate. There are three options – displaying it without the blade, with the blade, or with the action blade. I never use the action blade, but it is always nice to have the possibility for people who want to use it for action poses.


Hot Toys Moff Gideon

It is great to have Moff Gideon in figure format finally. I love his outfit. Because it is different from the usual Imperial officers while still having an Imperial feel, it sets him apart from other officers. Plus, the cape adds to his villain look. It is a simple costume but it does the work. And Hot Toys has done a great job recreating it. The boots are made of pleather which means you have foot articulation. The pants also use pleather on the sides at the level of the knees. Because of the use of pleather, I recommend being careful with how you pose your figure because it may get damaged over time. At least for the feet and the knees.

For the hips, the articulation is all fine. Yes, there is pleather for the holster but considering where it is on the outfit, it is not a problem for the articulation range. 

The cape has wires on each side, which means you can pose it. It is good to have that because, for action poses, it always looks better if it feels like the outfit follows the movement of the figure. But be careful, it is not removable as it is attached to the back of the figure and the shoulder pads. The cape is made of two pieces of fabric sewed together, a black piece and a red piece. However, they didn’t sew them together at the bottom. So there is a hole there, I am not sure why though.

The gauntlets, the shoulder pads, the belt, and the chest piece are made of plastic. The chest piece and shoulder pads have shiny black paint with a reflective effect. Which is actually like in the series! It is pretty cool! And his tunic is made of fabric so for the upper body, it is all fine for the poses.


Hot Toys Moff Gideon

The headsculpt was made by Hwan Kim and painted by JC Hong. I think they have done wonderful work. Indeed, it looks absolutely like Giancarlo Esposito. They gave him a really serious look. It feels like he is arrogantly looking at you. Which is perfect for a villain! The neck and the head are one piece, so visually it looks better. The head can move on each side. Plus, he can look up and down.



This is a great figure to add to your collection of The Mandalorian. And it features a fantastic headsculpt!

The Hot Toys Moff Gideon is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States and is available to PRE-ORDER NOW! 

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