“This is an enjoyable start to The Rings of Power. With breathtaking visuals, a compelling story and a great cast, this series has a lot of potential.”

The highly anticipated series The Rings of Power has finally premiered on Prime Video. As a big fan of the Peter Jackson movies (both The Hobbit trilogy and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy) and Tolkien’s books, I obviously had high expectations and a lot of doubts. So now that I have watched the first two episodes, what do I actually think about the series? And is it really worth the hype?


This return to Middle Earth is actually a pleasant surprise. In fact, I have enjoyed the first two episodes. I would not say I loved them but enjoy feels like the right word to describe how my feelings about this premiere. The first episode is epic in scale while the second episode is all about world-building and learning more about the characters. A lot is introduced and reintroduced within these premiere episodes. And since it is a series, the writers can really take their time to develop each character and the story.

My favorite part is obviously everything that involves Galadriel. She has always been my favorite character (with Gandalf) in the books and in the movies. And she is definitely my favorite character as well in the series. It makes me so happy that we finally see a story on screen where she is the main character. I have been wanting to see this for so long. I can definitely say I am not disappointed on this part. There is so much to tell with Galadriel. And what we have seen so far is extremely compelling!

Anything that involves the other elves in this series is really interesting too. On one hand, there is a path that leads to the dwarves. On the other hand, there is a path that leads to humans. Both are very different and interesting storylines. With the dwarves, it is about building something and exploring the relationships between elves and dwarves. While with the human storyline, it is about the proliferation of darkness. Plus, we also get a love story between a woman and an elf.

However, when it comes to the Harfoots, I don’t feel the same way. Honestly, they are alright but I don’t feel invested in their story. On a side note, if you didn’t know, Harfoots are the ancestors of Hobbits. Though, what interests me with the Harfoots is the stranger. I am very excited about this. In my opinion, it has to be one of the Istari. Technically, this is the time they arrive on Middle Earth. But who is this one? Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast or one of the two blue wizards? I cannot wait to find out!


It was never going to be easy to fill in the shoes of Cate Blanchett as Galadriel. There was always going to be comparisons. Though, the people behind the series made sure to search for the best possible actress for the part. And Morfydd Clark is this person. Her performance as Galadriel has stunned me. Indeed, she masterfully brings the grace and might of the character on screen. She truly understands her. I am incredibly happy that Morfydd knows how to portray her and that she does it in such an magnificent way.

As for the rest of the cast, I think they are all great. Nevertheless, the other highlights for me so far are Ismael Cruz Córdova as Arondir and Nazanin Boniadi as Bronwyn. Córdova has an on-screen presence that makes you automatically drawn to him. And that is definitely something you want for the elves. As for Bronwyn, she is a strong single mother and Boniadi does a beautiful job playing this character.

However, I do have a problem with Robert Aramayo as Elrond. It just feels too different. I think with time I will get used to it and will probably enjoy his version more. But right now, I’m not sold on this new Elrond.


We all know how expensive this series is. As a consequence, expections for the visuals were high. And, it does not disappoint. Visually, The Rings of Power is breathtaking! You can definitely feel how much money was put into making it. It is without any doubts the most beautiful series I have seen. The elven cities are beyond incredible. Throughout the first two episodes, you can feel we are in the Middle Earth. Everything is so beautiful!


I had listened to the soundtrack when it was released. I think it was definitely a mistake to release it before the series. Because it ruins the surprise to first hear the different themes when watching the episodes. Obviously, I love Howard Shore’s opening theme. It feels inherently like the score you expect to hear in a Middle Earth series. As for Bear McCreary’s score, it is quite wonderful. But, hearing it in the actual episodes made me appreciate his work even more so. And Galadriel surely has the best theme. It is as majestic as she is.


This is an enjoyable start to The Rings of Power. The first two episodes do a good job at reintroducing the different regions of Middle Earth and its characters. Morfydd Clark is absolutely brilliant as Galadriel. She is undoubtedly the rightful lead for this series. With breathtaking visuals, a compelling story and a great cast, this series has a lot of potential. I think the best is yet to come. This could very well be a great series.

“The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power” is now streaming on Prime Video.


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