October 1, 2023
Lord of the Rings The Rings Of Power Episode 1x07 Review

“This is another amazing episode of The Rings of Power. After last week’s climax, this one focuses on the emotional aftermath.”

Last week’s episode of The Rings of Power delivered a lot of action with a big climax that changed Middle Earth forever. So what happens now?


The Rings Of Power Episode 1x07

The episode picks up moments later after the birth of Mordor. Panic and chaos ensues. This week’s episode is about the emotional aftermath of what happens for our heroes. What first seemed as a victory turned into a clear defeat. Obviously, this is a moment of doubts for the characters. It is a clever move to have Galadriel and Theo spending some time together. Indeed, it’s the two characters who feel the most guilty about what happened. They see it as their fault. And talking about it with each other definitely helps them moving forward.

Loss surrounds the episode. It takes different forms for the characters. When you have something as huge as the creation of Mordor that happens, there are consequences. But, it doesn’t mean all hope is gone. In fact, it reaffirms Galadriel’s and Queen Regent Míriel’s determination to fight the forces of evil. The Rings of Power is the perfect example of how you tell a slow burn story. It knows when to focus on the emotional side and when to bring action.


The Rings Of Power Episode 1x07

Although, it took me five episodes and a song to actually like the Harfoots storyline, I think it has finally found its ground. They do have a role to play before it all ends. The mystery around the Stranger continues to grow as we learn more about him. Even though, for me it is clear he is an Istari the question remains which one? And on his path some darker characters emerge. Those three piestresses are a real question mark. Blackened fingers, burning things, they do not seem good.


Moreover, this episode gives the three main storylines an equal amount of screentime. So we go back to the dwarves and Elrond. This is another place of tensions as Durin tries to help the elves but his father is against it. More is revealed about Mithril. And it is undoubtedly going to get explosive in the finale next week. As much as I like this storyline, after seven episodes, I still struggle with Robert Aramayo’s Elrond. There is something off with his portrayal that doesn’t truly feel like Elrond.


This is another amazing episode of The Rings of Power. After last week’s climax, this one focuses on the emotional aftermath.

“The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power” is now streaming on Prime Video.

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