December 6, 2023
Nicholas Britell's Score From Star Wars: Andor Volume 1 Is Available NOW!

Nicholas Britell’s soundtrack from the opening episodes of Star Wars: Andor is available to own now. 

Rejoice Force fans because the first of three planned digital soundtracks from Star Wars: Andor has arrived. Nicholas Britell’s soundtrack from the hit Disney Plus series has been applauded by legions of fans who have cited it for its subtle nuances. And now, the first release, comprised of music from the first four episodes of the series is available to own.

Britell’s approach to the galaxy far, far away has been one of the standouts of the series so far. So having the chance to add his score to our Star Wars playlist is too good an opportunity to let pass. But just what are we getting for our credits? Feast your eyes on the full track listing below and get a taste of what awaits us.

Star Wars Andor Volume 1 Soundtrack


  1. Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 1
  2. WE BEGIN (Time Grappler)
  3. Niamos! (Morlana Club Mix)
  4. Morlana Drop
  5. Pre-Mor Shakedown
  6. B2
  7. Rix Road
  8. Bix Caleen
  9. Kenari Council
  10. Bix Has a Secret
  11. Kenari Male Wanted for Questioning
  12. The Cassian Way
  13. Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 2
  14. End of Day
  15. Who Else Knows?
  16. Luthen Rael
  17. The Kenari War Cry
  18. The Night Before
  19. Pilgrim
  20. Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 3
  21. Mirror
  22. Corpos
  23. In Their House / Who Are You?
  24. The Reckoning
  25. Past / Present Suite
  26. Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 4
  27. I Came for You
  28. ISB
  29. Blue Kyber
  30. Where’s My Starpath Unit?
  31. Luthen of Coruscant
  32. Syril Suite
  33. Mon Mothma
  34. END OF DAY (Time Grappler)
Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) in Lucasfilm’s ANDOR, exclusively on Disney+. ©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.


As mentioned above, the first of three digital releases is available to own now from all good digital retailers. But to make life easier you can grab your copy from Amazon here. Look for Volume 2 to release on November 4, with Volume 3 releasing December 2. Are you a fan of Nicholas Britell’s Andor soundtrack? Or are you still on the fence and waiting for a blast of some familiar Star Wars soundscapes? Sound off below and share your thoughts.

Star Wars: Andor is streaming exclusively on Disney plus now. Dive into our season one reviews here.

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