September 30, 2023
Universal Monsters Ultimate Dracula and Accessories Packaging Revealed By NECA

NECA’s 31 Nights of Fright reveals continue with the Ultimate Bela Lugosi Dracula action figure and Accessories Pack

The creatures of the night are back on the hunt and Dracula is stalking the streets of Transylvania for his next victim. That’s because overnight, those naughty toy minions at NECA revealed the packaging for their Ultimate Dracula action figure and Accessories set. And they are glorious. The figure boasts an impressive facial sculpt that captures the likeness of Bela Lugosi in minute detail and comes with a host of cool accessories. But if that isn’t enough, Universal Monsters fans can enhance their collection with the additional accessories pack that boasts a coffin, an opossum, an armadillo, a spider, and a cricket in a coffin.

NECA Reveal's New Universal Monsters Dracula Accessory Set

The set is the ultimate accompaniment to the Dracula figure. And is a shoo-in to give your collection the ultimate certificate of authenticity. And what better resting place is there than Dracula’s native soil? But don’t take my word for it. Grab the nearest crucifix and follow me as we delve into the secrets of Dracula!


Honoring the late Bela Lugosi on his birthday with your first look at our Universal Monsters- Ultimate Dracula packaging.
To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Universal Monsters’ acclaimed silver-screen classic, NECA announces an Ultimate action figure of the most famous vampire of them all… Dracula! We worked closely with the estate of Bela Lugosi to capture the actor’s expressive likeness in three different head sculpts, and for additional background detail on important costume elements.

Standing in 7” scale, the Ultimate Dracula (Transylvania) action figure has a soft goods cape and comes in premium anniversary packaging with plenty of accessories: 3 interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, large bat, wine bottle, goblets, candlestick and serving plate.

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Build even bigger scenes and dioramas with this accessory set for NECA’s Universal Monsters Dracula action figure! The centerpiece of the set is the large coffin, which measures almost 9” inches long and opens to fit your Dracula figure inside (figure sold separately). The set also includes armadillo, large spider, cricket in coffin, and opossum accessories. Closed box packaging.

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These sets look exceptional and are a shoo-in to give your collection the ultimate seal of approval. Fans have been craving an action figure of Bela Lugosi‘s iconic vampire for some time. So this set is a testament to their unflinching patience. And with a likeness as accurate as this, fans can rest assured that the ultimate Dracula will be sitting on their shelves very shortly. Thankfully, the wait for him won’t be too arduous either. NECA has confirmed that the figure will be hitting toy shelves sometime in January which gives us something to banish the post-festive blues!

So, get ready to return to Transylvania kids because the world’s greatest vampire is coming home!

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