February 3, 2023
Hot Toys Boba Fett & Throne (Star Wars The Mandalorian) Review

“The Boba Fett Repaint Armor is an amazing figure. He looks so badass and once again, we get a fantastic headsculpt from Hot Toys.”

At the beginning of the year, Hot Toys released their two-pack of Boba Fett from The Mandalorian. And now, we are getting their other Boba Fett figure from the series. It’s the repainted armor. There are two versions – the basic one and the one with the throne. At Sideshow Collectibles and on the Asian market, there was also a bonus pre-order with the special edition.


Hot Toys Boba Fett

As usual with Star Wars collectibles, it is your usual box design. It is a black box with a promotional picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. Plus, for The Mandalorian figures, you have an orange-colored strip featuring two other pictures. Obviously, since this is not a two-pack, there are not as many accessories as the previous Boba Fett figure from The Mandalorian. Though, this time we have one huge accessory – Boba’s throne! And that’s definitely worth the price!

This is a big piece and it’s actually quite heavy. I’m not using Detolf for my collection, I’m using Parros II from Conforama. It’s a larger glass case and even with this one, the throne takes up a lot of space. As usual from Hot Toys, it’s been carefully crafted and accurately painted. The Rancor heads have a nice metallic feel. Even if you got the version with the throne, they include the display base from the basic version. It’s the typical Star Wars interior base. It can always be useful to have these ones.

Hot Toys Boba Fett Repaint Armor & Throne


Then, there are six different hands, two fist hands, two open hands, one hand to hold the blasters, and one cowboy hand as I like to call it. In terms of weapons, he has his blaster pistol, it’s the same one from the two-pack. Plus, he has his iconic EE-3 carbine rifle. It’s a beautifully painted weapon with different shades of grey and wood paint for the cross. He also has one fiber cord whip that you can attach to his gauntlets and a flamethrower effect.

The jetpack comes with a removable rocket. It’s the repainted version of the jetpack so it’s mostly green with a little bit of yellow and red. It works with a magnet as usual. However, this time, there are no thruster effects.

Finally, since it’s a special edition, there are additional accessories. You get a hologram of Boba’s iconic Slave-1 starship and a hologram of the Razor Crest. You can attach this little piece on his gauntlet to display the holograms, just like the Jango Fett hologram from the two-pack. So now, let’s take a look at the figure.


Hot Toys Boba Fett

This repainted armor is not just a repaint, there are some changes to the two-pack armor. First of all, he is all black now. Around the armor, there is no longer a white undersuit, it’s black like the rest of his outfit. I think this color just suits him better. It gives him a more impressive presence. Now, he also has both knee armors, not just one. And the belt is different.

The boots are once again two separate pieces, which allows feet articulation. It’s always better for poses especially when the figure has a fabric outfit almost with no pleather. Speaking of pleather, you have some on the belt but that’s not a problem there. This time, he has pockets on his belt and a nice frame. Just like last time, the blaster holster works with a magnet so it’s easy to put and remove the weapon.

As for the repainted armor, I love what they did there. You can tell Boba has simply repainted his damaged armor without fixing it. Thus, there are some holes and scratches. But most importantly, there is an added texture on the paint that gives you the feel of something that has been repainted. He hadn’t got the time to properly fix it yet. They have applied the same technique to the helmet. As usual, the antenna can move. And the interior of the helmet has been fully sculpted. I love that! It’s all about the details!


Hot Toys Boba Fett

The headsculpt was made by Yulli Choi and painted by JC Hong. It is exactly the same sculpt from the two-pack except for the eyes. In the two-pack, the eyes looked in one way, here he looks straight ahead. I will say it again but this is a fantastic headsculpt. It’s simply spot on, that’s Temuere Morrison right there! And I love how they painted the scars, it’s so life-like. Since the head and the neck are just one piece, it looks better but the articulation range is limited. He can look down, he can’t look up because of the armor piece behind him. And he can look at each side.


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The Hot Toys Boba Fett Repaint Armor is an amazing figure. He looks so badass and once again, we get a fantastic headsculpt from Hot Toys. Plus, he comes with his throne. I think it doesn’t get any better! This is a perfect set!  However, if you don’t have the space for that throne, you can still get the basic version. Though, the basic one doesn’t come with the headsculpt.

The Hot Toys Boba Fett is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States! 


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