September 30, 2023

Namjatown unveils details for its Free! and Tsurune collaboration!

Recently, we told you that Namjatown would team up with Free! and Tsurune. It’s part of the Nyanderful Festival, which starts on January 13 and will end on February 19. It takes place at Namjatown inside the Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Free! is there to promote The Final Stroke while Tsurune is there for its season two that will debut on January 4.

On the Free! side, Haruka, Makoto, Rin and Ikuya will be there. While for Tsurune, Minato, Seiya, Masaki and Shu will be welcoming the guests.

Today, Namjatown has unveiled details for this collaboration and we know now all the goods that will be available. And there will be plenty! First of all, for every purchase of 3,000 Yen, you will get a style-card ticket featuring one of the characters from the main illustration:

  • name badges of the main characters from each series, each badge costs 660 yen.
  • clear glitter cards featuring the different characters from the main illustration, each one costs 500 yen
  • Acrylic smartphone stand, 1,600 yen each

  • two different types of ribbon, 2,000 yen each

  • An A3 tapestry

  • big towels, 7,000 yen each

These are the goods you can buy directly at Namjatown. Then, there will be activities and depending on your results, you will be presented with different goods. Obviously for Tsurune, the activity is archery. It costs 600 yen and you can get some really good gifts:

  • Room key holders

  • A5 clear files

  • clear cards

As for Free!, the activity is let’s make crepe. If this rings a bell, it’s because some of the characters made crepes at the beginning of The Final Stroke Part 1. The entry price is the same.

  • Room key holders

  • A5 clear files

  • clear cards

Finally, there is one last activity is a type of treasure hunt. You are supposed to find something take a picture of it and return to the staff. In exchange, you will get a pop-up stand.

For international fans, there will be an online store starting January 13.

SOURCE: Namjatown 

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