Theatrical merchandise announced for Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation!

Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation arrives in Japanese cinemas on February 17, which means a lot of new merchandise is also coming soon. And today, they have announced what Japanese fans will be able to buy when going to see the film. However, don’t worry international fans will also be able to get these thanks to the online store. The page for that store will open on February 10 while sales will start on February 17.

  • A pamphlet (800 Yen)

  • Acrylic stands (1650 yen each)

  • Acrylic chibi character stands (770 Yen each)

  • Acrylic name badges (770 Yen each)

  • Set of 4 pens (1320 Yen)

  • Postcard set (550 Yen)

  • Masking tape (715 Yen)

  • Pouch (2750 Yen)

  • School uniform acrylic strap (1320 Yen each set)

  • Clear file set (880 Yen)

  • Diorama acrylic stand (1650 Yen)

  • Character badges (440 Yen, one of the eight types is randomly included)

  • Mug (1650 Yen)

  • Hand towel (880 Yen)

  • Book cover (1320 Yen)

  • Aurora square bag (2860 Yen)

  • Candy style keychain (1650 Yen)

  • Acrylic keychain (880 Yen each set)
  • Plush (1650 Yen each)


As of now, there isn’t a release date internationally for the film but we will keep you up to date as soon as an update comes in.

Season 1 of Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Crunchyroll

SOURCE: Official Site


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