“This week’s episode of Trigun Stampede is a dark and emotional ride.”

It is Saturday so this means it is time for a new episode of Trigun Stampede. Last week, Nicholas D. Wolfwood made a memorable debut. Today, our heroes continue on their path into the desert.


This episode alternate flashbacks and the present storyline. In the past, we meet a kid named Rollo. He lives in a small village where kids are sacrificed to a “God.” And as the story unfolds we learn that this God is none over than Million Knives. After all, he is the only one on this planet who sees himself as such. In this series, Million Knives is like a Darth Vader. Indeed, he is this over-powered, almost unstoppable enemy with an overshadowing presence. We do not see him often but when we do, he does mean trouble. And for me, this is how you create a powerful and unforgettable villain. Five episodes in, Million Knives is already a haunting figure.

Moreover, these flashbacks with Rollo play a role into the emotional aspect of the story. He is a kid whom Vash knows. Unfortunately, Vash wasn’t able to save him and that connects with what happens in the present.


In fact, Vash, Wolfwood and the two journalist visit Rollo’s village which is where a a deformed version of Rollo attacks them. This now-monster wants revenge against Vash who couldn’t save him back then. It is actually quite tragic to see this situation unfolds. And this is where the flashbacks help hitting you with the feels. You do feel sorry for Rollo, the same way that Vash does feel sorry for him. I think it is beautiful that in a 20-minute episode the writing team is able to convey so much emotion for a character you are only going to see once. Undoubtedly, this is great storytelling.

Furthermore, this episode shows that Vash is powerless against his brother’s machinations. Even though, he always wants to help and he always sees the good in people, he cannot save everyone. The fight ahead of him is not going to end well.

Finally, I want to mention the story structure of this series. It is halfway between serial and episodic. Indeed, each episode tells a self-contained story but it all follows a continuous overall plot. And for a series like Trigun Stampede, it is a model that works. It allows the main characters to make new encounter each week will moving the plot forward.


This week’s episode of Trigun Stampede is a dark and emotional ride.

Trigun Stampede is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.


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