Get ready to say “Hello There” because Obi-Wan Kenobi is heading to the S.H Figuarts Star Wars collection

Despite its mostly positive reception from the fans, the merchandising for the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series didn’t blow us away. Sure we had the traditional action figure haul from Hasbro, but aside from that, the merchandise tie-ins didn’t really live up to the glory days of the franchise. But thankfully, all that is about to change.

Tamashii Nations has finally thrown its hat into the ring and will expand its Star Wars collection with a new action figure of the character from the series. The figure depicts the legendary Jedi Master wearing his new-look attire and wielding his lightsaber. But if that isn’t enough, the figure will come with Princess Leia’s lovable L0-LA59 Droid (aka Lola).


The main character, Obi-Wan, has already appeared in the much-talked-about drama series where the dream reunion and competition with Darth Vader have excited fans of yesteryear. With the latest modeling technology and Tamashii Digital Coloring Technology in addition to the finely reproduced modeling and natural movement, the impressive cloak in the play is realistically reproduced with cloth. The legendary Jedi Master revives with the latest specifications!


Although the headsculpt doesn’t appear to be the best, the figure itself looks pretty decent. Figuarts continues to impress with its range of articulation and attention to detail and Kenobi looks no different. Most fans seek out custom heads for their figures these days, so expect a lifelike Ewan McGregor replacement head to be in the pipeline. (Watch your favorite sellers folks!).

As for the accessories, Ewan McGregor’s Jedi Master has a limited collection. But the press release teases an extra headsculpt which is most welcome. Additionally, included in the set are interchangeable hands, a removable fabric cloak, a Lightsaber hilt, a Lightsaber, and a L0-LA59 Droid (aka Lola).



Kenobi is listed as a general release in Japan so stock levels shouldn’t be a problem. Pre-orders are expected to drop on February 9 with an anticipated retail price of 9,900 Yen (about $77). Which is reasonable for today’s ever-inflated market. The figure will hit toy shelves sometime in June.

Will you be adding Ewan McGregor’s Jedi Master to your collection? Sound off below and let us know.


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