“This week’s episode of Tsurune sends the Kazemai team to train with Kirisaki. This is an entertaining training session that allows us to catch up with some characters.”

It is Wednesday, so you know what that means. It is time for a new episode of Tsurune! Last week’s episode explored Ryohei’s insecurities while giving us a better understanding of who Shu is. And as the episode was teasing, we are visiting Kirisaki high school this week!


This episode sends our Kazemai team to train with the Kirisaki team. Thus, we discover more of Kirisaki high school. And, it is incredibly beautiful. Like Shu’s house, you can tell it is not your average high school, it is more than a step above. They even have a cafe! As usual with Kyoto Animation, the visuals are striking.

Moreover, this time of training between the two schools allow for the different characters to catch up. The episode actually makes a reference to the OVA from season 1. Indeed, Shu asks Masaki to take a ceremonial shot as they didn’t get to see it last time they visited his shrine. And thus, this time Masaki shows them his impressive shot. With this training, we are introduced to a trio of girls who befriends the girl’s team of Kazemai. This leaves the door open for a future tournament between them.

The story follows up on Ryohei and Shu’s new bond. There is a fun scene with the twins about their friendship. But, it also explores Shu’s new found mojo. What we saw at the end of last week’s episode with Shu wanting to train with the twins was just the start. He feels more aware of his surroundings and starts to care about the others. He really opens himself up. Speaking of the twins, Manji is back on the team for the Nationals. It is going to be great to see the dynamic with his twin during a tournament again.


Obviously, after a training session, you do need a nice get together moment. So that means more funny scenes with Daigo Sase and his obsession for an Idol. He is really a lovable character. This allows us to discover more places of Kirisaki including the dormitory. This school is all so fancy. Though, the most important moment of this get together moment is what happens with Seiya and Shu. They haven’t been the best of friends since the beginning of the series. In fact, in season 1, Shu was even quite rude towards Seiya. But, Shu is actually making steps towards the right direction. And you love to see it! The two share a little scene that says a lot about where they are heading to. Shu is really changing and it is all thanks to Ryohei who opened his eyes in his own way.


Finally, Nikaido and his team from Tsujimine high school are also featured in this episode. Once again, we can see a clear difference between their training environment and Kirisaki or Kazemai’s training environments. Indeed, they have no Kyudo Dojo, they just shoot their arrows on an empty land behind the high school buildings. And like I have theorized earlier this season, it is maybe because they work in tougher conditions than the others that they are a step above them. They do have to work harder.

It is also important to notice that they could potentially have some kind of structure if they asked for it but Nikaido doesn’t to. Obviously, he has his reasons. But, he does make some effort in this episode as he secures a training camp for his team, which is a first. Like last week, this episode also further explores the bond between Nikaido and Koshiro Fuwa. These are two very different type of characters, so it creates an unusual dynamic. But it works.


This week’s episode of Tsurune sends the Kazemai team to train with Kirisaki. This is an entertaining training session that allows us to catch up with some characters.

Tsurune season 2 is now streaming on HIDIVE.



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