Star Wars Insider Review | No Such Thing as a Bad Customer

Max checks out the conclusion to the story featured on the pages of Star Wars Insider Magazine – proving there is “No Such Thing as a Bad Customer”

Star Wars Insider 218 has hit shelves and it delivers the conclusion to There is No Such Thing as Bad Customer. The last we saw, the Battle of Jedha had begun. And the locals who frequented the bar ‘The Enlightenment ‘had witnessed two soldiers from the E’ronoh and Eirami get angry at each other as the war between their planets re-ignited.

Now this part shows that things have gotten far worse for Enlightenment as Enforcer Droids have breached the bar and refugees from the battle are taking shelter in the bar. Mooni and Perelli, the two regulars are debating on what to do about this horrible situation. Perelli wants to help and Moona is not as enthusiastic. And she doesn’t like the Jedi. She feels that they brought this disaster on them and is more concerned about her girlfriend.


I was impressed that Perelli was so keen to help others. Especially as I never really got the impression that he was that altruistic. I almost kinda agree with Moona. It’s very hard to trust the Jedi when trouble always seems to follow them. Marty, the chatty Twi’lek from The High Republic: Path of Deceit appears in the bar and does a decent job keeping the droids at bay. We also see a Sorcerer of Tund using what appears to be a Force barrier to hold back the droids.

Matty is a sweet girl and I dread what will happen at the outcome of this battle for her. I won’t go into details as I don’t want to spoil the beginning of the novel. Even though Perelli takes the initiative to help, the day is saved by Moona with her ingenious plan to disable the droids.

Oga’s Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


This was a cute story that doesn’t have any relevance to anything except to introduce Matty. But I’m getting comfortable with these barflies at The Enlightenment and hope to see more substantial stories with them. War is hard and Perelli feels compassion for those who suffer. I admire him. Solid B.

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