September 22, 2023

Meet the 11 French Queens competing in the WOW Presents Plus series Drag Race France Season 2! Let’s all wish them a fond Bonjour!

Excusez-moi! Today, World of Wonder announced the 11 fabulous French queens who are ready to compete for the crown on the second season of Drag Race France. Whilst the release date is set to be announced soon, the show is confirmed to air exclusively on 30th June on WOW Presents Plus in the UK.

RuPaul’s Drag Race S12 alum, Nicky Doll will return to host the second season. Alongside returning resident judges, actress and TV host, Daphné Bürki, and French DJ and LGBTQ+ activist, Kiddy Smile.


The identity of the queens who will be competing in the second season of the critically acclaimed international iteration and vying for global audiences’ attention are; Cookie K***y, Ginger B***h, Keiona, Kitty Space, Mami Watta, Moon, Piche, Punani, Rose, Sara Forever, and Vespi.


Cookie K***y – 29
For Cookie K***y, drag is a family affair since she discovered the art of drag with her sister, who also performs. Born in Montreal, Cookie started drag 7 years ago. She is one of the pioneers of the renewal of the French drag scene. Thanks to her numerous parties which are now classics of the scene (like the Jeudis Barrés and the Drag Me Up contest), Cookie quickly became a recognizable figure. She is also one of the first queens able to make it a full-time career. Today, Cookie has a successful career in film and television. She played the main character in the movie “Three Nights a Week” which was released in 2022, and earned her a preselection spot for the Césars Awards in the “Meilleur Espoir Masculin” (best male breakout star) category.


Ginger B***h – 44
Born in Caen, Ginger B***h is now the queen of the south of France. Ginger resides in Nice, and while she’s only been doing drag for three years she has quickly stood out for her ease with the microphone, which opened doors to many establishments in Nice (Sunset, Insta Bar, Red Kafé, Omega Club, Rainbow Power, etc.), and all over France. Through her drag, Ginger B***h wants to show that there is no age or physical criteria to make your dreams come true and that everything is possible when you take a chance on yourself.


Keiona – 31
Keiona began in drag by dancing and voguing in the Parisian ballroom 10 years ago. She is now considered a legend in the French ballroom scene and is recognized worldwide for her explosive stage performances and her strong fashion taste. Her drag name is derived from her niece, who was born two years before she started in the scene. Keiona has been performing in Parisian cabarets with the King Chefs and Drag Queens since 2020. Keiona was also part of Mathilde Delahaye’s show NICKEL, which played to sold-out audiences throughout France in late 2019.


Kitty Space – 27
Kitty Space is a French drag queen of Vietnamese descent. She first dressed up in drag for a Halloween party in 2019 and hasn’t stopped since. A professional stylist, she quickly gained recognition for her looks and makeup, each more incredible than the last. Kitty also uses her art to highlight Asian culture and to fight stereotypes. Incredibly involved in the scene, Kitty now performs in bars, clubs, contests, brunches, festivals, and other drag shows throughout France including The Brunch and Queen, the Drag Me Up, Solidays, La Purple, and La Bitch Party.


Mami Watta – 24
Mami Watta started performing drag in Ivory Coast, where she is originally from. A law student now living in Saint-Denis, she quickly has let her love for drag guide her life. Mami Watta has already distinguished herself in the House of LaDurée, the first French ballroom house, where her inspired looks and performances are as sexy as they are powerful. After the ballroom scene, Mami joined the most iconic Parisian shows (La Purple, La Boîte à Bijoux, la Blue Velvet, etc.). Her drag name comes from an African goddess who provokes “deviant behaviors”; by choosing to wear that name, she transforms what is considered a curse into liberation.


Moon – 31
Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, Moon is the first Swiss contestant in the Drag Race franchise. She has been involved with drag for 6 years, and notably within the Genevas collective which organized queer parties throughout Switzerland. A well-rounded artist, she considers herself as “a creature of the night”. She releases all her creativity in unique performances that mix fashion, painting, and lip-syncs. As a transgender woman, Moon uses the art of drag as a platform to celebrate trans identity. Today, she performs mainly in Geneva, but also throughout Switzerland, Iceland, Kosovo, the United Kingdom, and France, especially in the Grenoble area.



Piche – 26
Despite her young age, Piche has a long resume. She is a singer, dancer, and actress, and has walked the runway for Gaultier as part of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show in 2018, where she discovered drag for the first time, playing Conchita Wurst’s lookalike. In drag, Piche puts to work all her stage and fashion skills but also her history of gypsy and Algerian origins (“piche” is a gypsy word for “phallus.”) Her style plays with gender constructs, mixing the ultra-feminine and the ultra-masculine, the folklore and the modern. As a dancer, Piche has performed at the Ballet National de Marseille, the Opera Grand Avignon, the Folies Bergères, and the Paradis Latin, in England, Russia, and Italy. She is now part of the Fantasma Circus Erotica show.


Punani – 32
Punani started doing drag in 2013 at the same time as her childhood best friend, Rose, who is also on this season of “Drag Race France”. Together, they are the famous duo Rose & Punani, and for the first time will have to compete against each other instead of together. As a duo, Rose and Punani became a staple in Parisian fashion and parties, but their presence is especially well-known on social media, where they post funny trending videos highlighting their love of vintage fashion. Ever since she was a child, Punani was inspired by horror B-movies, the 80s, and musicals; she is a true visual artist who upcycles second-hand fashions. Punani impresses crowds with her outfits and performances which mix pop culture, irony, and extravagance. Outside of drag, Punani has been a recognized photographer for over 10 years and regularly collaborates with French and international press as well as with many artists.


Rose – 32
Paris-based Rose has a day job as a Psychologist. Not only does she have a 20-year friendship with contestant Punani, the duo have been performing partners for a decade. Together, Punani and Rose have performed in big venues all over France including Queen Club, La Nouvelle Eve, La Gaîté Lyrique, La Machine du Moulin Rouge or Le Grand Rex. On “Drag Race France” S2, Punani and Rose will be competing against each other for the first time ever. Legend has it that Rose got her drag name from the town where she grew up: L’Haÿ-les-Roses. Rose was a theater performer until the age of 22, where she mostly played female characters with exaggerated personalities. A true queen of comedy, Rose uses her acting talents in viral social media sketches, especially in support of organizations that are close to her heart including AIDS, Octobre Rose, France Alzheimer, etc.


Sara Forever –
Originally from Bordeaux, Sara Forever has been involved in the world of drag for almost 3 years. As a performer and choreographer, her clothing and routines mix popular culture and experimental worlds together. Sara was introduced to drag for the first time while performing in “Le Sacre du Printemps Arabe”, a piece by Marlene Saldana and Jonathan Drillet, and has had only one desire since to continue to perform in drag. Drag also represents her social revenge: coming from an environment without gay pride and where going on stage seemed inaccessible, Sara wants to show that anyone can follow their dreams, no matter where they come from. Sara Forever has also created a one-woman drag show on the topic of success, inspired by her mother.


Vespi – 23
Starting her drag journey 3 ½ years ago, Vespi’s name comes from her admiration for wasps, particularly the appreciation for their “waist”. Vespi is a true beauty and style queen who is a big disco lover. In the French drag scene, She quickly made a name for herself with her breathtaking looks and has been featured in prestigious advertising campaigns for MAC and Visa, and a guest appearance in Emily in Paris.


Drag Race France is produced by Endemol France, and executive produced by World of Wonder. Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, and RuPaul Charles serve as executive producers.


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Drag Race France Season 2 will premiere exclusively on 30th June on the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus, in the UK.

Will you be watching the new French show? Are you a fan of all things Drag? Who is your pick to win the competition? Head down to the comments section to let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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