October 4, 2023
Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Premieres in One Week!

Get ready to journey back to the galaxy far, far away by booking your return with the latest release of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. The new volume will be available for streaming on June 28.

Last month Disney Plus confirmed that a third volume of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian is heading our way this month. And today, the streamer dropped a new teaser that reminds us to add it to our watchlist now! The all-new volume is taking us back to Mandalore to explore the making of the hit third season in all its glory – and it all drops in just one week! Check out the video below which highlights Phil Tippet’s involvement in the third season.


As evidenced in the reveal, Disney+ keeps the juicy parts close to the chest. But that will only help serve to build both the hype and the anticipation for what is a shoo-in to be a highlight of our summer streaming experience. After all, previous volumes have showcased everything from the return of Boba Fett to the jaw-dropping appearance of Luke Skywalker. So expect the latest edition to leave us salivating and thirsty for more.

Mark the date in your calendar because we return to the world of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian on June 28 – only on Disney Plus.






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