September 22, 2023
The Official Trailer for My Adventures With Superman Swoops In!

My Adventures with Superman is a refreshing and modernized take on the classic characters. It’s as much a story about Clark Kent/Superman as it is about Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.”

DC Comics’ latest on-screen Superman story is an animated series. My Adventures With Superman consists of ten 22-minute episodes. The first two episodes premiere Thursday, July 6 on Adult Swim. They will stream the next day on Max. For the rest of the season, one new episode will release every Thursday on Adult Swim and then the next day on Max. I had the opportunity to watch the first 7 episodes last week.


My Adventures with Superman features a young version of the title character. He seems to be between his 20s and 30s. We meet Clark Kent (Jack Quaid) when he is about to become Superman. It is an exploration of who he is as a character and who he wants to be. There is a good balance between Clark’s screen time and Superman’s screen time. Both sides of the character are important to help define who he is. I see a lot of Superman (1978) in My Adventures with Superman. Indeed, it is a fun story with a lot of heart that people of all ages can enjoy.

Beyond Clark Kent, this series is also very much about Lois Lane (Alice Lee) and Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid). It is about the trio of Clark, Lois, and Jimmy. Their interactions are a joy to watch. Both Lois and Jimmy have their own storyline too, that’s exciting. Lois is a smart and feisty woman who works hard to be a reporter. While Jimmy is this photographer who tries to fit in the middle of this.

This series is a refreshing and modernized take on the classic characters while still being faithful to the source material. Each episode tells its own story while moving further to the main storyline as well. There are exciting surprises in this series, you don’t want to miss it! It feels good to have a Superman series again, it’s been a long time coming.


Jack Quaid voices Clark Kent/Superman. I never thought of him for the role. But it actually works. Quaid uses a gentle voice for Clark Kent. For Superman, he uses that same voice with a different intonation making him more determined. It is important to have a difference in terms of voice for the two sides of the character. And Jack Quaid portrays both sides of the character remarkably. In addition, Alice Lee is doing a great job as Lois Lane. She delivers a performance full of energy. And Ishmel Sahid nicely rounds up the trio with his voice performance as Jimmy Olsen.


Moreover, the animation team made sure Clark Kent/Superman is hot in every scene. It’s actually the most handsome Clark we’ve got in animated format. They came up with a wonderful character design. When you look at him, you know it is Clark Kent and you know it is Superman. There is something in the design that perfectly captures who the character is. As for the Superman costume, they went with a modern design of the suit and added red shorts to it. Though, I’m not sure the shorts were necessary. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful suit!

On top of that, Lois Lane gets a fresh new look with a short haircut. It suits her. And Jimmy Olsen sports clothes that feel inherently like the character with a modern touch. The team at Warner Bros Animation has done beautiful work with the character designs. They did something refreshing while still capturing the essence of the characters. There are robots who appear in the series and they definitely feel like they are right out of the Evangelion franchise. I certainly appreciate the references the animation team had.

Metropolis has been wonderfully designed, taking inspiration from the Superman comics. Obviously, it wouldn’t be Metropolis without the Daily Planet and its iconic globe. It uses a bright color palette. Every shot of the city is beautiful to look at.


Furthermore, this series brings back proper opening credits. Starting episode 3, each episode features a stylish intro that clearly takes inspiration from anime openings. It couldn’t make me more happy to see this in a Superman series. But that’s not it, each episode also features an end credits. Like the intro, it is inspired by anime. Since it is an end credit, it is more relaxed than the opening. In fact, this end credit reminds me of Sasaki and Miyano‘s ending. Kyle Troop and The Heretics are performing “Up and Away (My Adventures With Superman theme),” which is an indie rock track. It brings the energy needed for this intro. They tried to be a bit more on the classic style with the ending while still keeping the dynamics of the rock genre.

On top of that, Dominic Lewis and Daniel Futcher composed a melodious score. It feels heroic which is what you expect from Superman music. I think they tried to do something like John Williams did with Superman (1978) while still making it their own.


My Adventures with Superman is a refreshing and modernized take on the classic characters. It’s as much a story about Clark Kent/Superman as it is about Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. This is a fun series with a lot of heart and beautiful visuals that take inspiration from anime.


My Adventures with Superman starts July 6 at midnight on Adult Swim and streams on Max the next day.






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