September 22, 2023
Be Malibu Dreamhouse Ready With The Barbie X Kitsch Collection

Darcie has ventured into Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse to discover the latest Barbie x Kitsch collaboration. But are you ready for life in the pink?

As the Barbie movie draws closer, we can look forward to the brand collaborations – of which there will be many! Be prepared to have a pink Barbie summer! The first collaboration that I am 100% obsessed with is the Kitsch collection. Kitsch is a sustainable-focused beauty company, that provides a variety of products. Their Barbie collection consists of 8 beautifully themed hair care and accessories. Some collaborations make Barbie seem tacky, missing the glamour, the style, and the timeless beauty that is the Barbie style vibe. But Kitsch fully embraces the Barbie vibe.

‘The ultimate fashion icon, Barbie inspired this sunny line up of beauty accessories that lets you add bright color and sparkle to your everyday style. Create a look that’s fashionably you with fun and functional hair care essentials hat serve up those made-in-Malibu vibes’

Be Malibu Dreamhouse Ready With The Barbie X Kitsch Collection


So, let’s have a closer look at the collection which features two satin pillowcases. The first is a hot pink, with a B embroidered on the bottom corner. The second called ‘Malibu’ is a light blue, dark blue check overlaid with pink palm trees and Barbie heads for a beautiful Barbie dream look. I am obsessed with this design! Satin pillowcases are perfect for anyone that wants strong, shiny Barbie-like hair, as they help to tame frizz and reduce breakage. Stain Pillowcases also help reduce breakouts, stay cool all night, and are gentle on skin, hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

In the same Malibu design, we have the heatless hair curler, which I am desperate to try. The curler is made from 100% satin which prevents breakage whilst using and includes the curling rod and two scrunchies to secure the hair. Simply wrap your hair around the rod, before sleep and wake up to curly hair. Easy, effortless Barbie perfection. You could also wear the scrunchies alone, to put those heatless curls in a ponytail. But if you are looking for some bold pink scrunchies then Kitsch also have you covered there, with a set of two pink scrunches. One features the Malibu print but this time in pink – which is adorable and the second is a pink scrunchy covered in little diamonds – it’s so cute I can barely handle it. The diamond scrunchie is perfect for a slight dresser look.

Barbie x Kitsch Heatless Hair Curler


If you are looking for some cute hairbands then Kitsch have you covered there too! With a pack of 12 elastics which are made with nylon elastics. The hairbands come in three shades of pink and a shade of blue and a perfect for creating crease-proof hairstyles. The final two items are claw clips, perfect for putting up our long Barbie hair on hot days – something I understand very well! The first is a marble pattern claw clip that features the Barbie logo in pink rhinestones. This is a mid-sized clip perfect for putting up half a head of hair. The second is a collection of three clips, a matt flat lay claw clip, a medium open shape claw clip, and a flower-shaped mini claw clip! The flat lay and flower clips come in pink, whilst that open clip comes in that stunning Malibu pattern.

You can see why I am so obsessed! The gloriously fashionable collection is available online here. The prices range from £9.00 to £24.00 or you can currently get the whole collection for £107.00. So hurry and grab the perfect hair accessories for your summer viewing of Barbie – in cinemas on the 21st of July! I can’t wait to see all my fellow Barbies there!






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