September 21, 2023

A Moff Gideon figure in his Mandalorian armor is coming at Hot Toys!

Ever since the season 3 finale of The Mandalorian was released, collectors have been waiting for a new Moff Gideon figure with his Mandalorian/beskar alloy armor. Today, Hot Toys has finally revealed that this figure is coming. With the Hot Toys Summer Showcase just around the corner, you can expect a proper announcement soon, so stay tuned!

“Mandalorians are weak when you take away their trinkets!”
Moff Gideon’s recent appearance in season 3 of The Mandalorian is being recreated as a highly-detailed collectible figure. Now he’s coming to strike fear into those who stand in his way. Tune in for our exciting announcements!

SOURCE: Hot Toys

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