October 4, 2023
Holy DC Multiverse | Superman is Coming to McFarlane’s Batman 66 Retro Collection

Look out Batman 66 fans because Superman and more new characters are coming to McFarlane’s DC Multiverse Retro collection! Get your first look here!

Holy new figures, Batman! Citizens of Gotham beware because McFarlane Toys’ Batman 66 line is expanding again. And it promises to be epic! The awesome action figure line has already delivered wonderful action figure versions of The Riddler, The Joker, Two-Face, and Catwoman to menace the dynamic duo. But now, McFarlane Toys has shared our first look at a new series of figures. The wave is jam-packed with characters from Batman: The Classic Series and the Batman 66 comic series. And if you were hoping for a rendezvous with the Man of Steel, you’re in for a real treat.

New Batman The Classic Series Retro Figures Revealed!

Yes, Superman is making his debut in the new 6″ scale. And the face sculpt looks impressive. But thankfully, he’s not alone. Alongside Superman, Batman & Robin are getting an upgrade with additional paint and upgraded capes and there’s a new look for The Joker. And if that isn’t enough to have you sliding down the Bat-Poles the Batrobot and Lord Death round out the wave. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Slide down the bat poles and explore these sensational new figures.


Sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton as a baby, Kai-El was found by farmers Martha and Jonathan Kent and raised as their son, Clark. As Clark grew up, the radiation from Earth’s yellow sun gave him extraordinary powers, which he kept hidden. Now fully grown, he uses his powers to protect his adopted world of Superman.

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Kapow! The debonair millionaire Bruce Wayne may seem like your average cool cat, but you would be wrong! With the flip of a Shakespeare head bust and… to the Batcave! Gotham City is filled with a rogue’s gallery of criminals eager to unmask the Batman, but they are thwarted by the Caped Crusader’s own clever ways.

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“Holy Boy Wonder, Batman!” How lucky can orphan Dick Grayson get? He gets taken in by the wealthiest man in Gotham City, who just happens to be Batman. He gets to live in a mansion complete with cave, gets to kick villain butt, and cruises around in the world’s coolest car.

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As a child, Bruce Wayne'” watched as his parents were brutally killed in Gotham City’s Crime Alley. Traumatized by their deaths, he devoted his life to becoming the world’s greatest weapon against crime-the Batman! He’s a master detective and an expert martial artist, but his greatest weapon is his mind.

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Lord Death Man was a mysterious crime boss who could return from the dead. In one gruesome incident, he came back to life mid-autopsy. Lord Death Man also had superhuman strength and stamina, which he used to battle Batman, The Outsiders, and Talon. Ra’s al Ghul even sought to siphon the regenerative fluids from Lord Death Man’s body.

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Once a small-time crook, The Joker fell into a vat of chemicals that turned his skin white, his hair green, and his lips red-like a crazed clown. His crimes always involve pranks and jokes ending with twisted punchlines that are only funny to The Joker. He may look like he’s clowning around, but this guy is bad news for Batman™ and Gotham City!

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Thankfully, these figures are already available to order from multiple outlets. So these awesome new additions to the Batman 66 collection will be sliding down the bat poles and into your collection within days. As always, we’ll update the site as soon as we hear more about these releases. But in the meantime, get ready to welcome another wave of awesome figures into your Batcave!

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