September 21, 2023
Ahsoka Tano Arrives in Fortnite!

Look out Fortnite Star Wars fans because Ahsoka Tano is unleashing the Force in the Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass

Fortnite Star Wars fans are in for a treat today. Epic Games has shared our first look at the Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass and it contains a Force-powered secret skin! Launching in collaboration with Dave Filoni’s new series, the Secret Skin is none other than Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano. The gloriously detailed skin features a great likeness to the actor and appears to come with the first-ever Lightsaber pickaxe. However, this is yet to be confirmed!

fortnite star wars ahsoka tano skin

The new Battle Pass launches today and boasts some imaginative characters. However, those hoping to unlock Ahsoka early are set for a disappointment. The character will not be playable until much later in the season, September 26th to be exact. But either way, Star Wars fans are already eating well with this season, and long may it continue.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Scroll down and check out the trailer below.


Ahsoka Tano now joins Darth Vader in becoming one of just a few Star Wars-themed Battle Pass collaboration skins in Fortnite. The only other addition to the BP SW line-up was Din Djarin back in 2020. The challenge allowed players to unlock the character as a playable skin as well as his iconic Beskar armor.

In addition to Ahsoka, Epic Games is adding another slew of awesome skins to the Battle Pass. The new season is boasting a secret agent/heist theme which is a shoo-in to delight players everywhere. And, if that isn’t enough to have you shelling out for your Pass, another host of glorious mythic weapons will be available to claim. And these appear to be plucked from past seasons. Meaning players can look forward to using Midas’ Drum Gun and Gunnar’s Stinger SMG!


As mentioned above, the all-new Battle Pass launches today. However, Ahsoka will not become available until September 26th. But rest assured, as soon as we hear more from Epic Games about her pickaxe and accessories, we’ll update the post with all the juicy details.

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STAR WARS: AHSOKA continues on August 3oth only on Disney Plus.


Will you be visiting the new map and testing out the new Battle Pass? Are you excited to unlock Ahsoka Tano? Sound off in the comments section below.








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