October 4, 2023

Set sail with S.H. Figuarts new figures from Netflix’s One Piece!

Last month, Tamashii Nations announced that S.H. Figuarts would be making figures from Netflix’s live-action series One Piece. The two figures revealed were Luffy and Zoro. We now have more details concerning their release.

Monkey D. Luffy will be released in January 2024 and will cost 8,250 yen.

Roronoa Zoro will be released in February 2024 and will cost 9,900 yen.

Pre-orders for both figures will start on September 1st.

If you live in Tokyo or are visiting Japan, there is a One Piece premier display at the United Cinemas Aqua City in Odaiba. Both figures are on display. The event ends on September 3.

SOURCE: Official site

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