September 25, 2023

A Space: 1999 Eagle documentary, The Eagle Has Landed will be flying in sometime in 2025. A Kickstarter Campaign launches on September 13th.

Will you be travelling to Moonbase Alpha with Space: 1999 Eagle?

Barbara Bain, Nick Tate, Brian Johnson, Kevin J. Anderson. Charles Duke, Bill George. And Jamie Anderson are among the luminaries participating in FutureDude Entertainment’s upcoming documentary feature, The Eagle Has Landed. Directed by filmmaker Jeffrey Morris, founder of FutureDude Entertainment, The Eagle Has Landed will explore the impact of SPACE: 1999’s iconic spacecraft, the Eagle, on countless fans and space enthusiasts.


The crew has already recorded some parts of the documentary. Including several sections shot on innovative 3D sets (developed by Morris, D&N Cinematics, and FullSteam Studios). That let Morris appear to be inside the Eagle. Also, a Kickstarter campaign (featuring great rewards) will launch on September 13, with funds raised going toward completing the project in time for a 2025 release keyed to the 50th anniversary of SPACE: 1999. And, before the Kickstarter campaign, fans can participate in a sweepstakes to win an original Eagle toy model from Morris’s personal collection.

It is expected that The Eagle Has Landed will be released in 2025. And if you just can’t wait, check out the launch video here.





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