September 21, 2023

Hot Toys is helding a special One Piece exhibition in Japan!

Yesterday, Hot Toys unveiled their figures of Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro from Netflix’s One Piece series. Starting today until October 15, fans in Japan can go to the Hot Toys flagship store ‘Toy Sapiens’ for a special One Piece exhibition that features costumes used for the series. ‘Shibuya Grand Line Store’ also features a limited line of merchandise. The two figures are on display too, so you can see them with your own eyes!

No reservations are needed to enter the store. The costumes featured include Buggy, Arlong, Mihawk, Alvida, Morgan and Gold Roger. The Straw Hat Crew is featured in the form of life-size cardboard cutout standees. There is a photo spot if you want to be on a wanted poster next to Luffy. Several letters are available to write your own name.

The line of merchandise includes cosbaby, acrylic stands, clear files, magnets, keyrings, postcards, stickers, notebooks, metakeshi and 12 different t-shirts! Starting Monday, products that are not sold out over the weekend will be available on the online store as well.

SOURCE: Toys Sapiens & AmiAmi

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