Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII gets a vintage title!


The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The title for the eighth instalment of the Star Wars Saga has been released and we are delighted to confirm that it is:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The fantastic team at Lucasfilm have been wonderful with their timing and have struck just as the momentum of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is starting to diminish. The first Star Wars Anthology movie has grossed well over one-billion dollars from the global market ensuring its place amongst the saga’s finest entries. With the release of the sublime title, we have been treated to a glossy new poster similar in style to that of The Force Awakens teaser poster which, will undoubtedly find its way onto the walls of many a Star Wars fan in the coming months.

The story is expected to reveal the post Return of the Jedi journey of Luke Skywalker and detail the events that lead to his exile on the planet Ahch-To, home of the first Jedi Temple. With the finale of The Force Awakens setting the tone, the story of The Last Jedi will begin at the very climax of that famous scene where Rey holds Luke’s old lightsaber aloft. For the first time in Star Wars history, there will be no time delay at the movies introduction leaving us thrust into the story exactly where we left off.

Much of the story is expected to focus upon the relationship between both Rey and Luke before the dangerous events transpiring throughout the galaxy follow Rey to the Jedi’s haven. With Finn and Poe aiding General Leia Organa, a thrilling new story awaits us in December and we cannot wait to share the details with you as they break.

Until then…

Our imaginations will be on overdrive.

May The Force Be With You.



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