September 22, 2023

The Former Imperial ISB Agent earns his stripes in Star Wars Rebels…

The galaxy loves a hero, especially a hero that learns the path to righteousness whilst witnessing and partaking in the brutal and callous acts of the oppressors. With the Empire enslaving the galaxy at every turn, the honour and commitment of an officer will be tested on many levels. If a soldier of rank is not one hundred percent committed, their devotion to the cause will eventually unravel.

Enter Agent Kallus.

The Imperial antagonist from Star Wars Rebels, has had a torrid time throughout his career. From the moment the Rebels of Lothal announced their presence on a larger scale, his life has been a rollercoaster ride of defeat intertwined with his unrelenting desire to end their insurgency in its tracks. However, when faced with the harsh reality of both sides of the war, his devotion to the Empire was tested to its limits, and the ISB agent’s true character shined through. His isolation, in the aftermath of a crash-landing on the frozen moon of Bahryn found him trapped alongside Rebel warrior Garazeb Orrelios.

Their isolation together was a true test of both combatant’s loyalties to their respective causes, Kallus was introduced to the nobility of the Rebel cause whilst Zeb, was treated to a glimpse into the harsh and underappreciating lifestyle of the Empire’s sinister agents. With the Rebellion, you had a family. Being an officer in the Galactic Empire afforded you a tyrannical hierarchy that punished failure with serious consequences. Both warriors defended their respective stables but with each exchange, Kallus began to see thought the fog of lies and dogma propagated by the Empire and its villainous Emperor.

This harsh reality dawned upon the Imperial agent upon returning to his Imperial Command Cruiser, where he was greeted with a pitiless and unemotional welcome from the entire crew. His plight became all too apparent when Zeb was welcomed home to a warm and loving family, Kallus received a barely warm response from his crewmates which found him abandoned and sequestered within his cold and machine-driven quarters.

Zeb had more than enough reason to detest Kallus in the aftermath of his slaughter of the Lassat home world and near genocidal extinction of its people, and yet he found it in his heart to not only embrace him but to relinquish his hatred for him.

This proved to be a defining moment for Kallus who, after a great deal of soul searching, realised the error of his ways and pledged his allegiance to the Rebellion. To the surprise of many, Kallus assumed the role of a clandestine Fulcrum spy and began to filter Imperial intelligence to Rebel command and in doing so began to compensate for his malicious past transgressions committed in the name of the Empire.

This defining moment of character has not gone unnoticed and the sinister Grand Admiral Thrawn, the brutal and calculated tactician of the Empire has Kallus in his sights. The Fulcrum spy has been exposed and now, the antagonistic Thrawn intends to use Kallus to bring an end to the rebellion. His intention, will be to filter misleading intelligence to the unsuspecting mole to lure the Rebellion into an elaborate trap designed to bring an end to their insurrection once and for all.

Whether Kallus will have the wits to outsmart the calculated Thrawn remains to be seen, but one way or the other, Kallus’ change of heart will come at a cost. A cost that very well may cost him his life…

Trust and respect should be earned…character on the other hand is a fleeting and costly quality amidst the Empire’s tyranny. A quality that may force Kallus to pay the ultimate price…but only time will tell.

Until then

May The Force Be With You


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