December 10, 2023

A message of thanks to my new team mates

Wow guys. It’s hard to believe that it has been little over a month since I first started with Phil Roberts and Stewart Gardiner here at Future of the Force. So far my time here has been amazing and can’t believe that I have had this wonderful opportunity.

Coming from someone who so far has had the worst luck in school, finding jobs and doing anything related to her future, words cannot describe how I feel. Even now I occasionally find myself scrolling back to my very first conversation with Phil as he told me he was honestly interested in my work.

Considering I had people from other Star Wars publications approach me and say the same only to stop responding to me shortly there after, I was obviously a bit skeptical, but excited all the same. All I could do was respond back as before and hope for the best. Luckily for me, it was only about an hour later that I received a response saying that he was indeed serious about working with me.

So after struggling to get my thoughts in order, I responded that the opportunity didn’t sound cool…it sounded perfect! In my head I had planned to let that first part hang for about a minute or so, but I couldn’t help my excitement. Also at this point, I didn’t know any of the specifics about what I would be writing about or how often I’d have to submit a piece. All I knew that I was excited. It would be my first time writing for an actual Star Wars website.

Sure it wasn’t as big as or SkyWalking Neverland, but for my first time writing I wasn’t expecting anything like that. Hell, I wasn’t expecting anything at all…at least not for several months until I really got myself established on this site. Although even then I thought I’d have to be lucky for anything to happen. So for this to have happened when it did…it was both a blessing and a curse. Yes I have this opportunity, but when I got the offer I knew that I would be going into my hardest semester of school yet.

Despite that, I obviously accepted the offer and figured that things would work themselves out along the way. You know what, so far they have. Writing for Future of the Force has been so much fun. The only draw back is finding a way to keep track of all my ideas and write them in the order they come. The life of a writer. No one said it was easy, but it sure is fun.

So, I just thought that I would take this time to quickly recap my first month and say an honest thank you to both Phil Roberts and Stewart Gardiner for taking this chance on a writer with limited experience. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Until then, thank you everyone for reading and I hope to see you in my next article.

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