December 11, 2023

Walk down the right back alley on Coruscant and you can find anything…especially when it’s a Star Wars Land attraction unlike any other!



What better way to watch the picturesque cityscape sunset disappear below the skyscrapers than with an ice-cold glass of Jawa juice whilst enjoying the company of that special Twi’lek in your life. After a beautiful twilight walk along the promenades of the lower city districts, why not cross the threshold of Dex’s Diner and treat yourself to an ice-cold beverage with the most entertaining company in the entire city.

The charming and always friendly WA-7 waitress droid, will be along to take your order and within two shakes of a womp rats tail, both you and your glamorous tail head will be tucking in to a plate of delicious Bantha Steak, all freshly prepared on the premises by the legendary master chef himself…Dexter Jettster.

Whether by candle light or by the faint glow of the fireflies hovering peacefully overhead, there is simply no better setting in the entire galaxy for that romantic interlude to your busy schedule. And, if that wasn’t enough…the legendary Besalisk himself will regale you with stories of his exciting travels amongst the outer rim territories and beyond.


What better way to highlight your stroll along the thoroughfares of the planet that never sleeps than with a feast at Dex’s Diner? Opening hours are 24 hours a day, five days a week…so whether it’s Primeday or Benduday…Dex’s Diner is always open and ready to serve you…

In Reality:

If only this were a reality. The notion of crossing the threshold of Dex’s Diner, in the very heart of the Coruscant social scene and claiming a booth before tucking into a glamorous meal amongst some of the most colourful aliens in the Star Wars universe is a fans dream come true. Sat with a glass of Jawa Juice, whilst the extravagant Dexter Jettster regales us with his exciting tales from his time prospecting on the planet Subterrel, would make a glorious addition to the new Star Wars adventure land’s being constructed within the walls of the incredible Disney Parks the world over.

Dare we risk imagining that this incredible experience will be a part of these exciting new Star Wars Land Disney Parks?

Only Disney/Lucasfilm can answer that, but the notion of a Coruscant themed attraction akin to that of the Harry Potter experience, where the paying customers can enjoy a glass of Butter Beer whilst investigating the wonders of Diagon Alley must surely be close to a reality. A real-life venue where the Blue Milk and Jawa Juice would be on tap and the Bantha Steaks were the best imported cuts from the finest vendors of Tatooine.

It would be incredible.

Hopefully, with enough emphasis from the greatest fans in the world…Disney will grant us this wish. A petition amongst the masses calling for Dex’s Diner to become a reality should be enough…a rallying call to the millions of us around the world who would love to see this happen. People power will win the battle for Coruscant…but until then, we are all restricted to the confines of our imaginations…and let’s face it…this is where the fun begins!

Until then…happy daydreaming!

And as always…

May The Force Be With You

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