December 8, 2023

More than just pretty pictures

Known for their stunning photos and short, concise reference books for young people, DK is a powerhouse in the non-fiction publishing industry. Browse any children’s non-fiction section at a library and your liable to their books on topics ranging from WWI to Titanic to the history of armor. And, of course, an ever increasing number of books about Star Wars.

Published just in time for Star Wars Celebration Orlando, The Visual Encyclopedia by Tricia Barr, Adam Bray, and Cole Horton is just the latest in long line of guides, dictionaries, and encyclopedias the publishing house has put out. Clocking in at 200 pages this tome features information on all aspects of life in a galaxy far, far away, all accompanied by stunning visuals.

When I arrived at Celebration, I made a B-line for the DK booth, to look through their selection and of course get my first look at The Visual Encyclopedia. After flipping through a few pages, I fell in love with the beautiful images and what I could learn from it. I had to have this one. Bonus, all three authors would be available to sign it, and I even got mine signed by editor Ruth Amos.

Stormtrooper, Mandalorian, and more from across the galaxy.

According to the book’s page on DK’s website, this visual encyclopedia covers a plethora of information.

Covering more than 2,500 characters, creatures, planets, vehicles, Droids™, weapons, technology, and more from the Star Wars™universe, this visual tour is the ultimate compendium for the epic saga and beyond.

Sections include: Geography, Nature, History, Culture, and Science and Technology. There is information on flora, fauna, food, weapons, art, tattoos, and so much more.

Outfits fit for a Queen: from Naboo to Alderaan, even the Handmaidens

One of my favorite spreads is the one on Royal Dress. Queen Amidala’s costumes are among of my favorite and it was nice to see them featured in detail, with explanations.

Languages from across the galaxy.

It also includes a spread on languages from across the galaxy including Aurebesh, Futhork, Genosian, Mando’a, Trade Federation, and Outer Rim, letters as well as phrases. Zeb’s “Karabast!” even gets a mention.

Pilots, Stormtroopers, Clonetroopers, and Crew members.

Others spreads include armor, helmets, and much more. Of course, it would be hard to include everything from the Star Wars universe. For that I’m afraid this book would have to be at least twice as long, if not a multi-volume set. However, there is such a wide and extensive selection of topics covered, all in great detail, I can’t find a single flaw with it. As reference books go, this one is top notch and a must have for fans. DK definitely has put together another stunning volume to add to their growing collection of Star Wars reference books. I would definitely recommend adding this to your personal collection.

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