What characteristics of hers appeal to us

When Sabine was introduced as ‘The Explosives Artist’ we had no idea just how influential she will become. Her strong will, her independence, her caring of others and of course her artistic flair are all on display in every episode of Star Wars Rebels she appears in. It is not surprising that there are many influenced by these characteristics.

Sabine in Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels

Both my husband, Michael, and myself are inspired by Sabine. For myself, she inspires me to look at the world in all its colors and nuisances instead of just black and white or good and evil.

Sabine wields the Darksaber in the Star Wars Rebels episode “Trials of the Darksaber

For my husband, he mentions the following:

“Sabine’s hair, her art and her spirit are the biggest inspirations for me. Her hair because it shows that she is not afraid of change. Her art because it appeals to my artistic side. Her spirit because it motivates me to strive to be better than I am right now.”

So what about Sabine influences you?


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